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Payload: The hacking beyond imagination
By: adityapatel
June 17, 2018

In this post, we are discussing a very intersting topic: payload. So what is a PAYLOAD?? What can be done using it?? Well, a payload can be considered to be somewhat similar to a virus. A payload is a set of malicious codes that carry crucial information that can be used to hack any device beyond limits that ...

How Credit Card Numbers Get Stolen
By: Jessica
June 17, 2018

It seems like most people care for carrying around cash anymore, especially younger people like teenagers. But with the endless conveniences that those little pieces of plastic called credit cards offer, who still wants to bother with physical money anymore? Virtually all places of business accept credit cards as a form of payment, credit cards can be used to ...

Router: The First Line of Defense or the First Mistake?
By: Terumo
June 17, 2018

Routers are those devices that nearly everyone has at home, but most of them have serious security flaws and are barely understood.Let's be honest: we talk about security, regulations, pen tests, etc., but those topics only apply to companies. How many standard households have their routers poorly configured, either because of the ISP technician's lack of effort (most of ...

Top Free Methods For Exporting Mac Outlook 2016 to PST
By: justin hansen
June 16, 2018

Summary: This article is about how to export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST file format. The user will get a clear idea about OLM and PST file types, their needs, and their differences. We will also learn about different techniques to migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook with the help of the SysTools OLM Converter .Although Mac ...

How to Wipe Any Confidential Files Using DOD Wipe
By: manishbhickta26
June 16, 2018

The DOD 5220.22-M of the US Department of Defense (DOD) is a data erasure standard that states that data on a hard drive or any storage drive should be overwritten multiple times for proper sanitization of the data. Overwriting data many times makes it unrecoverable and keeps the drive usable. According to the US Department of ...

Outlook PST Recovery Tool For Recovery of Deleted Emails
June 15, 2018

PST files are important to consider when one uses Microsoft Outlook as an email client. MS Outlook as an email platform finds its place at the business level with organizations. Speaking in technical terms, PST files are Personal Storage Table files that are used to store local copies of messages, calendars, events, contacts, tasks, journals, notes etc. within MS ...

Enterprise Cloud Security: Never Ever Neglect It
By: Ugra Narayan Pandey
June 14, 2018

In order to gain a competitive advantage, organizations are adopting cloud computing technology. They are benefiting themselves with the speed and agility of usage-based, exceptional cost-effectiveness and on-demand resources. Enterprise cloud security is still one of the core business concerns for many users around the world. The security is 50% in the hands of cloud service providers (CSPs), ...

Convert EDB to PST For Free
By: ashcatch9
June 14, 2018

My First Experience of Getting Stuck in “Exchange Corruption" and My R ecommendation For a Free EDB to PST Converter Solution  Now, it is possible for all users to solve all Exchange corruption issues within a few seconds, and I want to share my views regarding my EDB corruption. ...

What is the Best OST to PST Converter and Migration Tool?
By: Praveen Dixit
June 13, 2018

Nowadays, conversion and migration of OST files to PST files can be a necessity for many users because OST files are not directly accessible in MS Outlook. Therefore, a user must have knowledge about the best OST to PST converter software and its features. But first, before getting into conversion, the user must have knowledge about OST files ...

Common Cyber Security Threats and How to Secure Your Business Against Them
By: thomassujain
June 13, 2018

The Internet has brought with it so many great things that we now cannot imagine life without it. Imagine not being able to shop or trade stocks online. Imagine not being able to find out what your former classmates are up to through Instagram or Facebook, or not being able to watch product reviews on YouTube before settling on ...