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What are Bundles on Cybrary?
By: ginasilvertree
November 22, 2017

Do you buy bundled or bulk items when you shop at traditional or online stores? Buying in bulk (or buying bundles ) is most often cheaper - or at least it should be! - than buying single items. Plus, in addition to lower costs, they should be getting a bunch of cool items in one package, hence the ...

Encryption In-Depth: Keyfiles
By: Sean Mancini
November 22, 2017

You may have seen some applications that have encryption options such as Kepass or Veracrypt where you can create a "keyfile". But what is a keyfile and what is its purpose?A keyfile is a file with an encryption key that is randomly generated either by entering random text and numbers or moving a mouse around the key values that are generated are then ...

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) — What You Need to Know
By: Tatianna
November 21, 2017

What You Need to Know Malware is evolving. As noted by Tech Republic , new strains such as fileless malware — which as the name suggests don’t use typical payloads but instead leverage trusted process such as PowerShell to gain system access — are ten times more likely to succeed than their file- dependent counterparts. According to Beta News ...

Equifax Breach: Everyone is Compromised
By: Aman2406
November 21, 2017

Data breaches were never contemplated as a fortune but some of them are palatable as compared to others. We can digest that our servant got hacked instead of our banks. And the most troublesome breaches would be related to our personal information which involves insurance records, medical history, banking details, social security number and much more which are hard ...

Why Krack Attack Will Make You Question Everything
By: Aman2406
November 20, 2017

On 6 th August 1991, a powerful invention came into existence, the Internet. Since its introduction, it has made a huge impact on the society, which later demanded the invention of WI-FI in the year 1997. The invention was responsible for wireless standardization which was introduced by a community called IEEE802.11. They introduced WI-FI for Home ...

Cyber Security Smoke and Mirrors: An Update on Russian Hacking Group Sandworm
By: Olivia
November 19, 2017

In a time where news media and social media capture so much of our attention and by extension, help to form so many of our opinions, it is not surprising the press coverage given to the hackers who tampered with the elections using those mediums has been on almost a constant loop. For some, the news is ...

Why You Should Get Your Hands on a YUBIKEY
By: Sean Mancini
November 19, 2017

I have covered the importance of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) aka 2-factor security with more and more vendors such as Gmail, Outlook, and others now supporting MFA there is no reason not to have it enabled. MFA  is the answer to a lot of security issues when it comes to authentication.One of the common complaints with MFA is that it is ...

The Fundamental 5 - Key Strategies to Protect your ICT Systems
By: Samantha Voss
November 18, 2017

If you're serious about keeping the hackers out, here are the fundamental 5 'must knows' for implementing key mitigation strategies to protect your ICT systems. Passwords and user credentials are the prime target of cyber attacks Protect password and privileged account access ASD recommended strategies to ...

Network Programming with Socket in Python
November 18, 2017

Socket Programming is a running process between computers. The process is accomplished by the communication. Generally, internet communication is the best way for communication. The implementation of this process is done with the API (Application Programming Interface) to communicate with the protocol stack.A protocol stack is TCP. UDP protocols are the combination of IP addresses, and a port protocol is ...

Hope vs. Expectation: Adapting to End User Behavior
By: Ridiahshost
November 17, 2017

There is a prevalent paradigm within the organizational cultures of many well-meaning institutions that seems to have left open an opportunity for improvement. For many people, the tired axioms of security awareness training have resulted in a devaluation of training and made less realistic the possibility of creating a security-minded culture within the workplace, as well as in our ...