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SysInternal: A Tool for Every IT Administrator
By: kunalgupta007
April 9, 2018

I will not be surprised if don't have any idea about Microsoft "Sysinternals". But it is not something that you should miss if you're working in Security/Networking/Linux as an Administrator.  Why Sysinternals? I know It is good to know all CMD Commands but sometimes you may get confused between ...

Encrypted Hard Drive Data Recovery Techniques
April 8, 2018

By Purushottam Shrivastava In order to protect email archives, payment databases and other important information many businesses and institutions use some type of encryptions, but using tools like EFS, BitLocker and Guardian Edge can greatly improve corporate security, but they can also create data access issues. ...

Hacking with Android: The Top Apps to Use
By: Sahad Mk
April 7, 2018

Dear Cybrarians,I'm writing this article after a while.Many of my friends asked me is hacking possible without having a desktop or laptop? I understood their frustration. So I decided to do a write-up on hacking with android applications. There are plenty of Android apps are available for you to use for hacking. So here I will introduce few of them ...

Repair Damaged Outlook PST File
By: ankitsajwan90
April 6, 2018

To repair damaged or corrupted PST files and recover user emails and other useful information from it, one needs to use Outlook PST Repair software. In this article, we will describe the scenario of repairing corrupt Outlook PST file in an easy and effective manner. As we know Microsoft Outlook is one of the ...

Installing OpenLdap in Ubuntu 14.04
By: sanjoy044
April 5, 2018

Install OpenLDAP In Ubuntu 14.04 About OpenLDAP OpenLDAP  is a free open source Light Weight Directory Access protocol developed by the OpenLDAP project. It is a platform independent protocol, so that it runs on all Linux/Unix like systems, Windows, AIX, Solaris and Android.OpenLDAP includes: ·         slapd  – stand-alone LDAP daemon (server) ·         libraries  implementing ...

Sniffing Inside a Thread with Scapy - Python
By: skyper
April 4, 2018

Scapy is an incredible tool when it comes to playing with the network. As it is written on its official website , Scapy can replace a majority of network tools such as nmap, hping and tcpdump. However, you might encounter some issues when using the sniff function inside a thread.In this blog post, I review the different ...

Python Port Scanner
By: Moose
April 4, 2018

The following python code will allow you to scan a local or remote host for open ports. The program scans for select ports on a certain IP address and reflects the open ports back to the user.  #import socket library from socket import *  #User prompts for IP and Ports print "This tool should be used to verify open ports ...

Problem Solved: MS Access Error "File In Use"
By: Rylan08
April 3, 2018

Q&A: How Do I Fix MS Access Error 3045 File Already Use? Resolved Fix MS Access Error 3045 File Already in Use In this article, we have come up with the solution to fix Microsoft Access Error 3045 without hampering the original Database file of MS Access 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2000 /97 . The MS Access ...

Make a Pentester's Salary - Here's Where to Start
By: Tatianna
April 3, 2018

The Ethical Hacking Salary: What’s a Good Starting Point? Cybersecurity is the fastest-growing subset of IT as organizations look for ways to shore up network defense and reduce the risk of a large-scale data breach. As noted by Forbes, U.S. companies are looking to fill more than 200,000 infosec positions but simply can’t find the personnel — and this cybersecurity skills ...

Impersonation & Cyber Crime: The Growing Problem
By: gauravgodani
April 2, 2018

There is a discerning situation in relation to cheating by impersonation, as moreover impersonation is with-hold with identity theft, cyber stalking, cyber bullying and cyber harassment, a bewilderment situation arises for the legal law framers that how to give uniformity to these crimes, or whether to conclude them as single. As with rising of these crimes, various ...