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Different Angles of Cybersecurity
By: Sebastián Vargas
August 13, 2018

Here, I present some important ideas with an emphasis on understanding rather than on cybersecurity as a specialty, even though it has different categories with different bodies of knowledge, as expected. So, do you know cybersecurity? I invite you to read this lightweight article to understand the different categories that can be found in cybersecurity. For ...

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
By: Jessica
August 12, 2018

Passwords used to be the be-all and end-all of account protection. As long as your password was long enough, unique enough, and complicated enough with a good mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, it was practically crack-proof. Those days, however, are long gone. That’s because hackers, unfortunately, have many methods of stealing or obtaining passwords ...

ITIL Certification: Your Path to High Paying Jobs
By: Guest Writer
August 10, 2018

The Industry & The Problem: In the dynamic and rapidly changing IT industry, if you do not upgrade your skills regularly you would soon become irrelevant to your organization, or even to the industry as a whole. There is a huge demand for many courses and certifications, but the plethora of ...

Well Known Trojan "Rakhni" Can Now Mine!
By: Manu
August 10, 2018

Well, Rakhni is not a new Trojan if you follow cyber security news, but what's new is that  Rakhni has a new cryptomining module added to it! Cryptomining started taking over the ransomware trend with the new developments in cyptocurrencies. With the added module, Rakhni can now analyze the infected machine and choose between encrypting ...

Moving Up: How to Become an Intermediate SOC Analyst
By: ginasilvertree
August 9, 2018

If you’ve worked as an entry-level SOC Analyst , you’ve likely performed many of the following tasks in this jack-of-all-trades  cyber position: Provide threat analysis and security logs for security devices Analyze and respond to hardware and software weaknesses and vulnerabilities ...

5 Best Practices to Mitigate Zero-Day Exploits
By: Dr. Michael J. Garbade
August 9, 2018

Zero-day exploits are serious security loopholes that are exploited within the same day they are exposed. They are aptly named “zero day” because the network administrators have zero days to fix the security flaw, which could have already been exploited. JPolansky , who has more than four years of ...

Burp Suite for HMAC signature
By: LoQ
August 8, 2018

How to Set Up Extensions and Session Handling for HMAC Signature In this tutorial, we are going to see how to add a Python script to Burp extender and set up the session handling rule to run the extender.Things that we need: Python script from https://github.com/malcomvetter/BurpHmac/blob/master/BurpHmac.py Burp Suite ...

Navigating a Security Wasteland: Cloud Security
By: kathiemiley1
August 8, 2018

Vol.3 Navigating a Security Wasteland: Cloud Security Cybersecurity has grown into a never-ending war between cyber thieves and their victims. These cyber thieves exploit network and user vulnerabilities to steal valuable information or cripple organizations for gain. Their victims, mainly businesses and organizations, fight against them to subdue and recover from attacks to protect their assets and livelihood. ...

10 Steps for Building a Strong Cyber Security Culture at Work
By: veronica90
August 8, 2018

Cybersecurity is something modern companies have to take seriously. It’s also more than just the stuff the IT department does behind closed doors – it all starts with creating the right cybersecurity culture and adopting the right software for small business.  To build a brand in the market, perfect cost-effective marketing strategies will need with internal security ...

Zero to Employed in 3 Months - Success Series
By: Tatianna
August 7, 2018

This success story takes you on Gabrielle's Cybrary Insider Pro's journey. She had no experience, decided to change industries, and eventually became a Security Analyst at one of the world's most prestigious consulting firms. The Journey: Healthcare. Far outside the realm of the typical background of a cyber security professional. When I first started looking, I quickly ...