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The Influence of Autonomous Configurations on Complexity Theory
By: ITSimeon
April 30, 2018

The Influence of Autonomous Configurations on Complexity Theory Abstract In recent years, much research has been devoted to the understanding of linked lists; on the other hand, few have constructed the emulation of local-area networks. After years of key research into write-back caches, we confirm the private unification of agents and digital-to-analog ...

Free File Converter Tool for Exchange Users
By: jameslee
April 30, 2018

OST to PST Converter becomes your primary need if you are shifting from one email client to another updated version of the email client. I would like to share the best OST to PST Converter tool  with intelligent features that can get your lost OST mailbox items including inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted items, drafts, contacts, calendars, notes ...

How to Check for SQL Database Corruption?
By: robinshanab
April 30, 2018

SQL Database is an integral part of the business. When a SQL database is deployed at a location, you may hear comments from end users such as “Database is running slow,” or “The database is not responsive” or “it hangs.” Though these are generic terms, the problem arises due to SQL database corruption. Massive databases are not easy ...

Unix System Resilience
By: Palita2018
April 29, 2018

1 Resilence for a System After evaluating the risk of a Data Breach with a relative penalty in EU zone (4% of the annual worldwide turnover), then Decision Makers must run for cover and use for example the defense in depth composed by three elements: employees: who are educated and can ...

SickOS 1.1 Capture the Flag Walkthrough
By: aisherwood
April 29, 2018

Overview CTF Objective : Get /root/a0216ea4d51874464078c618298b1367.txt OVA link : https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/sickos-11,132/ Tools and commands used : Netdiscover, Nmap, Nikto, Metasploit, NC, curl, SSH To start, I ran Netdiscover to find the IP of the SickOS box. From the output, we ...

Limitations of Office 365 Archiving
By: captashish
April 29, 2018

A company looking to cloud services for better facilities and features. Data loss and protection are the major concerns for any business migration and related plans. There is a lot of different strategies involved to make the transfer possible. It is a high-value transition and lots of expectations of clients and customer. What can damper the spirits is the ...

Mac Email Backup
By: inventpure
April 28, 2018

Business persons can reap a whole lot of benefits by using Inventpure’s Mail Backup X for Mac email backup   as this email backup software helps in saving your money, data, time and most importantly your precious efforts. There are so many tools or other online storage services available in the market ...

Direct Solution DBX to Outlook PST
By: lukaswright
April 28, 2018

In this article, you will get the complete guide to import DBX to Outlook 2016 , 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. It helps you to convert DBX to PST with attachments in a couple of simple steps and allows you to retrieve DBX data in Outlook. Quick Overview of DBX & PST File ...

Crypto-mining Malware: Evade AV Detection with WMI
By: markpepapa
April 28, 2018

Unlike ransomware which attacks all your important files and takes them as hostages, a crypto mining malware does not attack any of your files. Instead, it “borrows” your computational resources to do bitcoin mining for the attacker. It can take down a high-end server in just a few minutes by utilizing the CPU up to 90% or even more. ...

State of the Market: The SOC Analyst Career Track
By: Tatianna
April 27, 2018

So you want to be a security operations center (SOC) analyst.At the very least you’re considering the role — you’ve seen the data about emerging cybersecurity skills gaps, you want to know more about defending networks against cyber attacks and you’re willing to take on the challenges of advanced training and certification.But you have questions: What exactly ...