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How to Convert Mac MBOX to PST File?
By: martinhoff6
May 24, 2018

Mac Operating Systems support an email client named Apple Mail for users to communicate by sharing emails. The ‘Apple Mail’ email client stores all its emails in an MBOX file. To read these MBOX emails in Outlook, convert Mac MBOX to the Outlook PST file format . You need to do so because MBOX files are not ...

How To Export Lotus Notes Domino To PST Format
By: virat8586
May 23, 2018

Domino is basically an IBM server application which runs on Lotus Notes Server and is widely used by numerous user groups and business professionals. It allows users to add structural and other types of data components to the database and share their email with any application. DXL is a file format that is used extensively ...

The Spectre and Meltdown Saga Continues : VARIANT 4 - A New Vulnerability Bug for Linux Kernel
By: Monika Fulop
May 23, 2018

I have been reading daily articles regarding cyber security, as my job is to stay up to date with the current vulnerabilities that are on the rise and still ongoing.The Meltdown and Spectre incident early this year has moved all global companies towards the security mitigations that need to be done in order to overcome the exploits ...

USB Forensics: Find the History of Every Connected USB Device on Your Computer
By: Shaquib Izhar
May 22, 2018

Sometimes, we need to know what USB devices were connected to our computer in our absence. This information could be very useful for a forensic examiner or in general cases where we just want to know what USB devices were used. How This Works We all know about the registry on Windows. The registry is ...

Hack Windows with EternalBlue-DoublePulsar Exploit through Metasploit
By: haxbaba
May 21, 2018

Eternal blue-Double pulsar-Metasploit Today in this post we gonna learn how to exploit windows 7 using Eternalblue-Doublepulsar Exploit with Metasploit. So What is Eternalblue-Doublepulsar? EternalBlue Malware Developed by National Security Agency (NSA) exploiting Windows based Server Message Block (SMBv1) and to be believed the tool has released by ...

CCNA CyberOps in a Nutshell
By: 11nikhil11
May 21, 2018

Recently I got my certification of CCNA CyberOps and today I'll share my experience and some useful tips for you. Introduction:  CCNA CyberOps is a Cisco certification and this certification contain two exams,SECFND: FundamentalSECOPS: OperationsBoth exams are online with the almost 65 questions including multiple choice and drag and drop. Passing score of the exam is 825/1000 and it is ...

Ways to Check If You’re Visiting a Safe Site
By: Jessica
May 20, 2018

We spend so much time on the Internet today shopping, filling out forms, and paying bills. After a while, all of these sites start to look the same. Since they all look the same, many of us figure that as long as nothing looks out of the ordinary on the surface, then a site must be authentic and safe, ...

Is Telephony Really No Longer Considered Harmful?
By: ITSimeon
May 17, 2018

Telephony No Longer Considered Harmful Simeon Miller Abstract Statisticians agree that low-energy modalities are an interesting new topic in the field of self-learning hardware and architecture, and scholars concur. Given the current status of ubiquitous modalities, steganographers shockingly desire the development of DNS, which embodies the private principles of cryptography. BolnVis, our new framework ...

VulnHub Walk-through - LazySysAdmin
By: grokdesigns
May 17, 2018

This is the first walk-through I have written for a VulnHub machine. Please send any feedback if you have ideas for improving it!Today we'll see if we can obtain root access to the LazySysAdmin: 1 machine from VulnHub .The first step in attacking a local vulnerable machine is obviously finding its address. To do this, we ...

Migrate Zoho to Google Apps – Quick Guide
By: techalphy
May 17, 2018

Zoho mail is one of the widely used online email service used for data transaction purpose. It provides a very simple and easy service to both the individuals and business users. Apart from having so many important and helpful features, many of the users searching for Zoho to Google Apps migration techniques. One of the main reason for this ...