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Why SQL is Still The Staple Choice in Database Management Systems
By: thomassujain
January 31, 2018

Database Management Systems or DBMS have been in use for more than forty years, but only in recent times, the tested and tried systems are facing a significant challenge posed by Big Data. Lots of discussions are doing the rounds about the need to look at alternative models of data processing and management ...

The Best Courses and E-books To Learn Cryptography for Beginners.
By: Amine Amhoume
January 30, 2018

What is Cryptography ?   Cryptography is the artistry of using codes, mathematics, and ciphers to preserve the privacy of a two-sided communication, a file, or a message, so no third-party person or organization can recognize it, this is a conventional definition of Cryptography that was being used through thousands of years before. ...

What Can Football Teach Us About Cyber Security?
By: Olivia
January 30, 2018

“In football if you don’t practice you don’t win and in cybersecurity if you don’t practice you don’t win.” -Critt Golden With the SuperBowl less than a week away, I’ve found myself spending a lot more time thinking about football. It’s hard not to admire the skills of professional athletes, who compete at such a ...

Top 5 Hacking Techniques You Should Know About
By: shantanurauthan
January 29, 2018

Bait and Switch Using bait and switch hacking technique, an attacker can buy advertising spaces on the websites. Later, when a user clicks on the ad, he might get directed to a page that’s infected with malware. This way, they can further install malware or adware on your computer. The  ads ...

MBOX to PST Converter to Retrieve MBOX Data in Outlook
By: stevesmith27
January 29, 2018

Nowadays, it is a basic problem for users where they are seeking to convert MBOX to PST format to import MBOX files in Outlook . It helps you to retrieve MBOX data in any Outlook edition without any extra efforts. If you are also looking to export MBOX to ...

Handling NMSG Payload with Python
By: anomali8888
January 28, 2018

In this article, I'm going to show you how to handle NMSG payload using python . so before dive in into the programming, we may want to step back to to introduce you what is NMSG.NMSG is one of the tools that implement passive dns analysis, with nmsg we can capture dns traffic flow and store ...

Advance phishing with IDN Homograph Attack
By: Shaquib Izhar
January 27, 2018

  What is IDN Homograph Attack?  An IDN Homograph Attack is a technique of spoofing a domain name with similar looking character using UNICODE character. For example https://ĝoogle.com -- ĝ not g , http://ḃing.com -- ḃ not b, http://asĸ.com   -- ĸ not k   ...

3-D Authentication
By: jeffcyber-2016
January 26, 2018

3-D Authentication by Jeff P. Godoy Executive Overview We are at war for the domination of cyberspace. Every day we as a nation are attacked literally millions of times, often by nation state cyber-terrorism. More and more cyber weapons are being added at a constant rate, often free to download ...

Data Privacy Day: Why Privacy Matters
By: Olivia
January 25, 2018

It’s not easy to ignore headlines regarding GDPR and the passing of FISA for another six years of warrantless surveillance. Both of these issues, among many being covered in the industry news, center around data privacy and the various laws that can affect your personal information. In fact, a recent survey from Deloitte indicates that 81% of ...

Cyber Insurance as a Way to Protect Your Data from Hacker Attacks
By: Juliebradley
January 25, 2018

Globalization has become a trend of the 21st century. The positive side of this process is an increase in international trade, an increase in the scale and pace of capital movements, the emergence of 24-hour real-time global financial markets. This was largely due to modern technologies and the Internet. They allowed overcoming the ...