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IT in the C-Suite, Part 2: Becoming a CISO
By: Tatianna
December 27, 2018

C-suites are making room for chief information security officers. This security-focused executive position is gaining ground as enterprises look for ways to safeguard networks and services without compromising their bottom line. As noted by CBR , the role is evolving to include more responsibility and greater expectations, even as public and stakeholder focus puts CISOs in ...

Student Loan Debt and The Current State of Cyber Security
By: NessaT
December 27, 2018

Federal Loans and the Current State of Cybersecurity By Nessa Tragos , Cybersecurity Independent Consultant Will the Current Student Loan Debt Crisis Affect the Current State of Cyber Security? When I say debt, I'm not talking about technical debt that some companies have. I'm referring to the monetary debt ...

Digital Footprints, Publicity and Online Choices
By: Iselin
December 27, 2018

In today’s society there are millions of people who utilize tools online to get to know others all around the globe. This includes voice calling, video chatting, texting, sharing posts and other fun things that are offered on online services. However, studies have shown that everything that is placed online is also a threat to stay ...

Networking Part 6: VLAN Port Configuration, Port Filtering, Filtering Criteria & VTP
By: Iselin
December 26, 2018

Networking Part 6 VLAN & Port Configuration, VLAN & Port Filtering, VLAN Filtering Criteria & VTP Virtual Local Area Network Our virtual segment of the network within an already made LANA VLAN allows us to take the infrastructure for one local area network and make multiple virtual local networks. These help us to segment different broadcast ...

Keyboard Kata
By: ram
December 25, 2018

Keyboard Kata While you may not able to type well, one thing that can make you more productive   is using keyboard shortcuts. I'm a Windows user, and these shortcuts apply to Microsoft products. (This leaves an opportunity for another Cybrarian will make a post about other OSs.) First, I'll give several ...

Basic Web Application Testing Checklist for Beginners
By: snrtherock
December 25, 2018

Hi,In this article, you can see the listed basic checklist to start with the Web Application Testing. There is lot more vulnerabilities are there and those will be updated in the future post. Here are the basic Web Application Vulnerability checklist for absolute beginners. Click-jacking Plain-text communication Password Hashing Email Address ...

Networking part 5 Protocols & Transmission
By: Iselin
December 24, 2018

Protocols & Transmission User Datagram Protocol Transporting packages from one place to another like a stream of water. UDP is a transmission protocol that doesn’t check if the data got there- it is a connectionless protocol. UDP does not offer validation or any verification of data packets, which makes it very vulnerable to data ...

Employers, "The Industry," and You: The 2019 Cyber Security Job Outlook
By: ginasilvertree
December 21, 2018

If you’re new to the world of cyber security, you may be wondering what the "2019 (and beyond)" job outlook holds. Or, if you’ve been in the cyber security space for a few years, you might also be wondering could be down the road of your career path . After all, who doesn’t want to know ...

Linux Basics for Hackers (Book Review)
By: jwhite2018
December 20, 2018

As an assistant mentor on Cybrary, I get asked a lot "how much Linux do I need to study security?" What I really hear is "Hey, I get it: more is better, but do I really need to be a deeply skilled/certified  Linux admin with years of hands-on experience  before I can even start on my Security+ or the CEH?" In other words, ...

Staying Safe Online
By: Iselin
December 19, 2018

Understanding the internet In order to make something safe and secure, one needs to be aware of the threats. In this article I will explain my personalized steps to greatly increase your online security. Passwords This cannot be mentioned enough. The very first thing we do after installing a system on a platform is to create a ...