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How to Repair and Rebuild SQL Database Manually
By: sandycullen
March 6, 2019

Applications working on SQL database platform are easy to use but they have risk of data loss because of SQL MDF File. Despite Database Administrator maintains the SQL database it is prone to corruption as it is highly affected by external factors. Operating system errors, abrupt system shutdown and changes made by user affect the SQL database, so ...

Intelligence limited only by your architectural imagination
By: rarneson
March 6, 2019

By Richard Arneson, GDT Imagine a world where you come home and toss your car keys, jacket, clothes, wallet, et al., into a bin that would  smartly  send each to where it belongs—closet, key hook, shoved under the bed, etc. The next morning, when you’re getting ready for the new day, everything is exactly where it should ...

Retaining IT Talent
By: Tatianna
March 4, 2019

Tackling Cybersecurity Turnover: Best Practices to Retain Top Talent The cybersecurity workforce gap is growing: Recent research shows a shortfall of nearly three million skilled professionals worldwide. More worrisome? Almost 60 percent of companies surveyed said this gap puts them at “moderate or extreme” risk of cyber attacks.For organizations fortunate enough to have dedicated, experienced IT teams ...

Configuring a LAN with DHCP and VLANs – PART I
By: farazde
March 2, 2019

While working on things which require time and more practice, sometimes you forget the baby steps you take along the way. That’s what happened when one of my colleagues asked a very simple question. I had to brainstorm different ideas in my mind before I finally had the answer. To explain the idea in a better way, learning by ...

Creating a Cybersecurity Team
By: Tatianna
March 1, 2019

Experts, Assemble! Creating Your IT “Dream Team” Cybersecurity is a team sport. Even the best infosec experts can’t manage network, cloud computing, and mobile device security on their own — but attempting to tackle complex cybersecurity issues with a team of generalists also hampers success.What does this mean for your organization? That handling key cybersecurity challenges — such as ...

How Cybrary Helped Renew My Love For Cyber Security, And Helped To Solidify My Career Goals.
By: Hunterkl5
February 28, 2019

Back in November of 2017, I graduated from University with a 2:1 in Computer and Information Security. I was looking forward to the prospects of a career in an interesting and continually changing field. However, this was not to be, after discovering that a lot of Graduate opportunities within the UK's industry that I was applying to were highly ...

Vulnerability Assessment: How quickly assess networks
By: Uladzislau Murashka
February 27, 2019

Today we going to speak about how quickly execute security scanning and assessment of big networks, which tools we will need and in which cases it may be required. In which cases do we need to scan big networks Some compliance's like PCI DSS or HIPAA may require to execute security scans against huge networks and subnets, including testing of ...

Why Corporations Need to Give their Employees Personal VPNs
By: sambocetta
February 27, 2019

Last year, the Cybersecurity Strategy Report was released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee. In a nutshell, the report found that the majority of current IT strategies major corporations are using are not working, and lays out various measures that can be used to strengthen them.   ...

Get to Know Your Instructors: Rob Thurston
By: SLWelty
February 27, 2019

Fun Facts About Rob What course are you teaching? NMAP What's your favorite food? Mexican and Texas Barbeque, sometimes together What is your favorite hobby? I love running and golf (oops, that’s two) Social media handles? https://www.linkedin.com/in/therobthurston/ The Q & A Tell us about yourself: As I get older, I realize that I’m ...

Linux Keyboard Shortcuts
By: Tapan Jatakia
February 26, 2019

Linux Keyboard Shortcuts Linux Keyboard Shortcuts are a must for Linux Enthusiasts and Professionals. However, students studying Linux also could apply these to speed up their work process and understanding of Linux. User wanting to learn shortcuts & key combinations need to know the Pros and Cons first. Pros: Speedup ...