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Breaking Into Security Careers 2018
By: RonW123
July 22, 2018

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot career field with many job opportunities. This means more and more folks want to break into it. A common question I’m asked is, “How do I get a job in information security/cybersecurity?”  We continue seeing people who are interested, but they don’t know the steps it takes to start or ...

What Is Cloud Security Management? A Challenge For IT Growth
By: Ugra Narayan Pandey
July 21, 2018

Organizations are shifting their work on the cloud horizon to expand their businesses. While implementing and handling cloud-based projects, cloud security management comes to mind. It demands that firms determine and understand the challenges involved in the public network. Cloud information protection is quite similar to an on-premise data center’s security. The only difference between the ...

How to Prepare for the AWS-Certified Solutions Associate Certification
By: Vikrant Saran
July 19, 2018

Amazon Web Services dominates the cloud computing world today. Being a subsidiary of Amazon.com, it delivers cloud computing platforms for individuals, government, and companies on-demand for a paid subscription. Today, AWS technology is implemented at server farms across the globe. In order to master AWS technology, it's necessary to ...

RouterSploit Framework
By: Kevin Mark
July 18, 2018

About RouterSploit and How to Set It Up Hello, and welcome to another one of my tutorials here at Cybrary. Before you continue reading this, I must let you know that it is illegal to perform exploit attacks if you don't have permission or if you aren't the owner of the network upon which the attack is being ...

Interview Guide: Network Engineer
By: Thomas Callahan
July 18, 2018

Architecting Success: The Network Engineer Interview Network engineers are in high demand as companies push for faster, more comprehensive digital transformation across all aspects of IT. From the integration of mobile devices to managing the interaction between new, cloud-based services and legacy controls, network engineers play a critical role in developing the scope and scalability of enterprise networks. ...

Pocket-Guide for the Penetration Tester Career Path
By: ginasilvertree
July 17, 2018

In this pocket-guide, we’ll cover the key elements of building a strong Penetration Tester career path. How does penetration testing fit into today’s business security landscape? As hackers’ methods continue to evolve through the use of new, sophisticated attack mechanisms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to defend their systems and data. Therefore, ...

How to Backup Apple Mail Data
By: Tom_Cruiso
July 17, 2018

Smoothly Complete the Archiving Process and Receive Outstanding Results with Inventpure’s Mail Backup X! The need for the best archiving software arises when users are unable to receive new emails in their accounts. The need for the best third-party archiving software is important so that users can easily backup their important data and store it locally ...

What is the IoT?
By: Jessica
July 15, 2018

Have you ever felt so bombarded and overwhelmed by gadgets, devices, and computers that you felt like you wanted to just “unplug” from the world for a moment? Well, nowadays, if you want to do that, it may take more effort than it did in the past, thanks to the Internet of things (IoT). The term “Internet of Things” ...

What is an API?
By: Jessica
July 15, 2018

While many computer users do not know what an application program interface or API is, all of them indirectly interact with and benefit from them every day in the applications and devices they use. As indicated by its name, an application programming interface is a boundary across which two entities communicate to relay requests or information to carry out ...

An Easy Way to Convert PST to EML With Attachments
By: stevesmith27
July 15, 2018

If you have any plans to convert PST to EML with attachments, then try this amazing PST to EML converter. It easily extracts Outlook PST emails to EML files by preserving entire data items. It is the direct and proficient solution for users to export PST files to EML format without losing any data. ...