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Get Your Technology Vendors to Pay for your Cyber Claims
By: travissholt
August 29, 2018

It is estimated by some experts that as many as 95% of cyber incidents are the result of a failure by one of your vendors. As large-scale data breaches and other cyber incidents continue to make national headlines, it is important for companies to think about how they are prepared to pay for a cyber ...

Cuckoo Installation Guide - Part 2
By: kunalgupta007
August 28, 2018

<< Cuckoo Installation, Part 1 ---------------MOVE TO VIRTUAL MACHINE----------------  To verify that the virtual machine has an internet connection, open cmd and ping and see if it replies.Download Python 2.7 ( https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7/ )Download Python Pillow 5.2.0 ( https://pypi.org/project/Pillow/#files ).Install BothFor me, the Python Pillow ...

Cuckoo Installation Guide: Malware Sandboxing - Part 1
By: kunalgupta007
August 28, 2018

Cuckoo is an opensource project that was a part of Google Summer Code. Now Cuckoo Sandbox 2.0.0 is out. Sandbox is an automated dynamic malware analysis system. Earlier in January or February, I tried to implement it but it was not working well. However, my friend Ishan Bajaj was able to do so. Thus we have made this ...

5 Ways to Repair Excel Files
By: ankitsajwan90
August 26, 2018

How do we recover corrupted Excel files? How do we fix Excel files that are corrupted and cannot be opened? Are there any free Excel repair tools? These are some of the questions a user asks when Excel files get corrupted. MS Excel is a great tool from Microsoft that helps organize data, creating stats and analyses ...

How to Recover Deleted Photos From the Memory Card of a Mobile Phone
By: lauramathews
August 25, 2018

Lost precious photos and data from your mobile phone memory card? There's no need to worry about that; just use SD card data recovery software with a few simple clicks. “ I stored my college photos, videos, some documents, and text in my mobile phone memory card. One day, I removed the ...

Get the Best Traffic Solution to Provide Integrated Traffic Management
By: trafiksol
August 25, 2018

The integrated traffic management program can leverage the ability of the NSI platform. It can be used for telemetry from the networks, and other data centers can be the infrastructure to deliver the intelligent traffic management. It can be integrated into the traffic management program in the NSI with the initiative for developing ...

Extracting and Enumerating Information From a WordPress Website
By: richardb8006
August 23, 2018

Don’t you just love it when a company has made their website in WordPress? Well, I do.Well the truth is, with WordPress, when you are running it on premise or on a hosting website, your website is a potential danger. Be very careful of what you state on your website and what kind of data you ‘collect’ that will ...

Cyber Insurance Coverage for GDPR Fines & Penalties
By: travissholt
August 22, 2018

Yes, there is insurance coverage for GDPR Fines & Penalties and with potential fines being 4% of previous year’s annual global turnover or $20mm Euros, whichever is  GREATER,  this is a good thing. Not a day goes by that I don’t get questions from companies of all sizes about GDPR. This includes the implications for their business. Most ...

CISM Certification: What’s the Benefit, and Why Does it Matter?
By: Tatianna
August 22, 2018

Get CISM Certified: The benefits and meaning There aren’t enough information security professionals to go around. That’s the word from a recent ISACA report , which found that 60 percent of organizations had open security positions which took on average three ...

How to Recover a Cisco IOS Router Password
By: oluwaseunmi
August 21, 2018

This technique is very useful for when you forget or misplace your router password. It gives you easy access to recover your router. What You Need Router (whose password is to be recovered) PC (laptop or desktop) Router Console cable (to connect PC to Router) ...