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How to Set Password for PDF File in Adobe Reader
By: alvina11
September 27, 2018

With the advancement of the technology, the PDF file format is the most reliable file format. It is the portable document format (PDF) which includes text formatting and images. It is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.Sometimes it is required to limit access to a PDF for the security purpose. So, it can be done by setting ...

Gaining Root Access on Mac OS
By: Tatianna
September 27, 2018

Apple computers are coveted as one of the world’s most valuable brands for a reason. Their computers are stylish, easy to use, and are owned and displayed as status objects across the world. However, one feature Apple computers are ...

A Quick Breakdown of WPA3
By: fl00dz
September 26, 2018

Let's Get Ready for WPA3! As with all WiFi Standards in the past such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2, WPA3 is focused on security. Mostly benefiting the end-users with weak passwords (hopefully this will not make end-users think having a weak password is okay). It will also prevent brute force attacks, and even give us new ...

A Bad Rabbit How To Secure Oneself Against Cyber Attack
By: Melisamarzett
September 26, 2018

What a cyber-attack is and how not to become its victim? What types of viruses exist and how to secure oneself against them?There are many viruses, and Bad Rabbit is one of them. The following article is about how to secure oneself against this virus and avoid cyber-attack.The Bad Rabbit virus demands a payment of 0, 05 bitcoin (a ...

Gap? What Gap? The Cybersecurity Talent is Out There!
By: NessaT
September 25, 2018

With the never-ending increase in cybersecurity risks, sophistication, and proliferation of cyber-threats, information security has never been more critical. It is vital that organizations understand its dangers, threats, and vulnerabilities before attackers do. For that, leadership must commit to governance, ensuring a robust IT infrastructure and assuming the costs of implementing a security-in-depth strategy and continuously identifying, ...

A Hacker Magazine for Hackers by Hackers
By: Doktor Esperanto
September 25, 2018

Arka Kapı is a hackers’ magazine that began its journey in Turkey. ‘Arka Kapı’ stands for back door. We’re publishing our fourth issue in Turkey as we introduce the first English issue to you. The internet today hosts the core components of personal freedom: freedom of speech,  freedom of trade, and freedom of self-advocacy. That is, as long as ...

Probable-ish: My Issue With Likelihood Precision
By: khelms
September 7, 2018

I've seen a visual representation attempting to explain Risk; Risk is a combination of probability and impact of a vulnerability being exploited. In theory, this visualization is great! But does it translate into practice? In this visualization, with some assumption, we can gather the following: Goal – stay safe while trying to ...

Get to Know Best Cloud SSO Providers For Your IT Business
By: Ugra Narayan Pandey
September 5, 2018

Employees in every organization have to face the headache of remembering a slew of account login credentials. For an individual, it becomes difficult to keep multiple things in one mind. It is so because already lots of tasks are there that a person needs to remember in mind and adding up the activity to learn passwords leads to stress ...

How to erase a hard drive and reuse it for something else
By: manishbhickta26
September 5, 2018

This post highlights different techniques to erase hard drives, each way fulfilling a particular purpose. Read on to know all these. Further, choose one among those to reuse hard drives for good.   According to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Disposing, Reallocating, or Returning leased hard drives irresponsibly or improperly could land you into receiving a NOTICE ...

Get Your Technology Vendors to Pay for your Cyber Claims
By: travissholt
August 29, 2018

It is estimated by some experts that as many as 95% of cyber incidents are the result of a failure by one of your vendors. As large-scale data breaches and other cyber incidents continue to make national headlines, it is important for companies to think about how they are prepared to pay for a cyber ...