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Web App Pentesting Tools for Security Audits
By: Shaquib Izhar
January 11, 2019

Web App Pentesting: Tools and Techniques for Web Security Auditing  Every pentester has his own tools and techniques for web app security auditing. Sometimes it depends on the type of website being pentested. Here, ...

The Importance of Cybersecurity Program Management
By: hvigil48
January 10, 2019

The world of cybersecurity has changed drastically over the past several years and will continue to do so in the years ahead.  As cyber threat continues to grow in complexity and in numbers, organizations are faced with the new challenge ...

Networking Part 8: Signals, Frequencies, & Interference
By: Iselin
January 3, 2019

Frequencies, Interference, Signal Strength, Bounce, Channel Bonding Frequency Bands & channels A frequency band is a range of frequency that is divided into multiple channelsFrequency bands are most commonly found as 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. When you change from channel 1 to 5, you gradually increase the wave of frequencies you’re sending information on. 2.4GHz Channel 1 ...

How to get your dream job in IT or Cyber Security
By: ragediver24
January 2, 2019

Your dream job in IT or Cyber Security could be right around the corner... It seems like only yesterday I was getting out of the active duty Army and frantically searching through job sites, drafting my resumes, and signing up for every mailing list, job placement service, job board, etc. There are so many things I know now that ...

Top 7 IT Audit Findings for 2018
January 2, 2019

Human factor remains one of the weakest links in maintaining proper cyber-hygiene in an enterprise. Unfortunately addressing risks posed by humans via training and retraining is often sacrificed on the altar of acquiring fancy security tools… don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with acquiring security tools excepting that they cannot by themselves atone for the information ...

All about 5G - Chipsets, Smartphones, and more
By: Priyank Gada
January 1, 2019

Introduction So in the previous few articles, we have been talking about 5G and we know a lot about 5G. We have also talked a lot about communication standards and their evolution, we know a lot about 5G – 5G NR and now let’s check if our current devices are 5G supported and can you enjoy 5G on ...

Resumes and Cover Letters: 7 Tips for Building Strong Resumes and Cover Letters
By: ginasilvertree
December 31, 2018

Writing strong resumes and cover letters may not be as hard as you think. With a plethora of free templates and tools out in the world, there’s no need to start from ground zero. Choose simple templates (see more on keeping things simple below) from a trusted site and start working on your resume and cover letters today. And ...

Common Sense Security Strategies
By: ragediver24
December 30, 2018

Common Sense Security Strategies in the Digital World You've been Hacked! Pwned! Account Compromised. Bank account emptied. Credit cards were stolen and sold on the dark web. Facebook account hacked, now inappropriate messages or videos sent to your friends and family members. New accounts and credit cards opened in your name. Or worse, you're on a vacation ...

Networking Part 7: Antenna Types, MIMO, Wireless Standards, Technologies & Compatibility
By: Iselin
December 30, 2018

­Networking Part 7 Antenna Types, MIMO, Wireless Standards & Technologies, Compatibility Antenna Types Transmitting radio waves through electric components An antenna is an electrical component made for sending and receiving radio signals. They convert electronic signals into electromagnetic waves and vice versa. Sometimes ...

The rise of SamSam ransomware
By: richardb8006
December 29, 2018

The rise of SamSam ransomware This weekend the SamSam ransomware made the Dutch news. Why? Because SamSam is on the rise in our country. According to the article and source Fox-IT , small to medium  businesses are targets. The report of Sophos, a result of a thorough investigation, reveals that the cybercriminal or cybercriminals behind ...