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Wordpress Security | Guide 2 | Wordfence Plugin [Video Walk-through]

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By: bjacharya

November 3, 2017

In this video, I will discuss the Wordfence Plugin used for securing WordPress sites.The first guide included both an article and video (of which I will provide a recap below). This one is with video only, but the next part will be with both an article and video.Recap:WordPress Based Websites/Blogs are growing day to day. Numbers are always increasing. Personally speaking, this is my favorite platform too. Users or clients are increasing. So, it becomes a major platform and grabs the attention of good and bad guys too. Technically speaking in terms of cybersecurity, “We must be able to secure our WP sites from cyber criminals or we can say bad hackers.” In the first guide ‘Guide 1’ on WordPress security, the main focus is on 4 topics: USERNAME, LOGIN ATTEMPT, UPDATE, PLUGINS.I've prepared a video walk-through for Part 2 of this guide. View it below:To read the first part of this post, you can catch up here.
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