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What is the need of secure and strong passwords?

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By: charon223

October 8, 2019

Significance of Strong and Secure Passwords:

For anyone using a computer or high-tech devices such as smartphones or tablets, wrongful or illegal access to their devices is a potentially major issue. The effects of these break-ins for victims may include the loss of valuable information, which may consist of essential documents, photos, etc. Victims may also have stolen information about their bank account, cash, or even their identity, which could be a very disastrous event.

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How can information sharing be a big threat to its security?

Today is such an innovative world we have different types of electronic devices ranging from Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc. These all can be connected for sharing information, and nowadays, in the generation of digital payments, these devices are also connected to our bank accounts for transactions. All these devices are vulnerable to any illegal access by hackers or attackers. The only medium to access these devices is passwords. They sometimes are mistaken as the lock and key system, but they should not be because they are like a key, which is different for different entities for the same door.

How to make passwords secure?

To save the devices from the hackers so that they can not easily get access to our electronic devices, we can follow some methods:
  • Make your passwords long and full of special characters
  • Passwords which are long and full of special characters are very tough to decode because it would take a long time to break these type of passwords even by brute-force
  • Passwords should never be written down somewhere because then the chances of being stolen are increased
  • Never use one password for multiple purposes because even if the hacker knows one of your passwords, he could not guess the other easily

Some more tips and suggestion:

One of the concerns that people often have when it comes to creating complex passwords is a fear that they will be forgotten, particularly when there are many to remember. A person must, of course, try to think of something they can easily memorize. One way to do that is to turn a word or sentence into something others don’t know immediately. Use the first letter of each word in the sentence to do this, replacing certain words with numbers or symbols.

Why passwords, and are there any alternatives to it?

There is no doubt that passwords are the most critical part of security. There are a lot of other criteria that come into play when we talk about the security of our computing devices. In addition to the creation of secure and strong passcodes, people themselves need to learn how to protect and use their computing devices correctly.The other way in which we can safeguard ourselves from hackers is to only give our personal information only to the websites which are encrypted. An encrypted website can be easily be recognized by seeing the “https” at the starting of the URL of the website. We should regularly update the security patches which are given by the product companies as these updates safeguard the devices from the viruses.When we are trying to prevent every kind of attack against our devices, it is essential to start from the very basic step. For example, to create a password that is almost impossible to crack.  

Addition Information and Resources:

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