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What you should know about the ISACA CISM certification

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By: Sebastián Vargas

August 23, 2018

Different groups and always the same questions: Why get certified?, What purpose do certifications serve? Is there a return on investment?  For these questions the answer is still the same, it depends on what you want to build.There are different roles in the specialty of information security. You can be Director of Information Security, Manager of Information Security, Chief Information Security Officer; or the Head of IT, Security Manager, IT Compliance Specialist in Cyber security, IT risk Specialist, IT Auditor, SOC Analyst, Analyst for Perimeter Security, and many more definitions depending on the country or the reality of the company or institution. "In Chile, more than five roles fall into the same person often jejeje."I stated above that depending on the role you want to build the certification that you can serve. One must be very self-critical; we are not all right for all of you. Although there are cases that exist.After a few samples that I have seen work, and to collaborate with the community of information security.Divide my top 5 of certifications that are calling in real offers to work in Information Security into five chapters.In this, Chapter 1, makes a review of  ISACA 's CISM, which is requested in many positions of information security level manager or head (CISO).
CISM (Managing security certificate information)
  • Objective:  The CISM certification is focused on management, it promotes international security practices and certifies individuals who manage, design, oversees and evaluate the information security of a company.
  • Domain:
    • Domain 1-Government of information security (24%)
    • Management Domain 2-Information Risk (30%)
    • Domain 3-Development and program management information security (27%)
    • Domain 4-incident management information security (19%)
    • Value: 575 USD  ISACA members -  760 Dollars nonmembers.
    • Duration:  4 HOURS
    • Requirements:  Five (5) or more years of management experience in information security. Validations are available up to two (2) years.
    • Dates to take the exam:  Available in official centers every month
    • How to prepare ?:  Diploma in Management Information Security UAI - Fast Track ISACA CISM Santiago - Buying the official documentation - all are valid or that suits you best.
    • Location:  Center Pearson VUE test
    • Entity:
    • Number of questions:  150
    • Language:  Spanish or English
    • Official information
    • Candidate 's Guide
    • Become a member of Isaca
  • Recommendations:  Take early morning hours, rest well the day before, understand that leaving such questions are not the same that will be on the exam, as CISO think that's the approach to respond.
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