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By: jasminen

January 7, 2020

This blog was posted by Thycotic Security.With so many recent high-profile breaches accomplished through compromising passwords, have you ever wondered how cybercriminals break-in? One of the most common ways, and the one we’re going to demo LIVE, is stealing your credentials.If you google, “what is the most common password?” you’ll find numerous compilations of the weakest credentials, and in every list, the likes of “admin,” “password” and “123456” at the top of the list. If any of these passwords look familiar then our next webinar is for you.Join us on January 23rd to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques cybercriminals use to crack passwords and elevate access. Not only will you be getting password advice from Thycotic’s chief security scientist, Joseph Carson, but you’ll also see a LIVE privileged hack.Register for our webinar today to get password advice, see a LIVE privileged account hack and get an insider’s view on how cybercriminals keep their own credentials secure.

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