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What is Unified Device Architecture?

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By: bachan

January 4, 2017

cpu-and-motherboard_resize_1087x720Hello, Cybrarians!I have created a playlist on YouTube that I think would be beneficial to you, but the first video in the series (available below) is the Introduction to CUDA C.First of all, you need to understand what is CUDA. CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture. It was first given by NVIDIA in 2006; however, it did not come into existence until 2007.It is a toolkit for providing heterogeneous computing on the system, in which the CPU and GPU both run the programming code. The CPU works as a processor and the GPU works as a coprocessor. As the GPU has several cores with less clock speed, we can perform the computational tasks on GPUs. CPUs are smart to handle with instruction sets, interrupts, performing serial tasks and running the OS; whereas GPUs are efficient in the fact that they perform a specific task, like mathematical computations, parallelly so that computations can be done easily.I have created a video on youtube here:Here is my another article the love. If you like my work, please tip me with Cybytes, offer suggestions in the comments below, follow me, or subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank you!
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