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Top 5 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

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By: Vikrant Saran

September 29, 2018

Studying for an exam takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance. The PMP – Project Management Professional exam, is one of the highly regarded certification exams and need extensive preparation and proper planning and approach from the beginning.

Even after following PMP exam tips, it requires thorough dedication as there is a lot of material to absorb and required to be absorbed, to be able to master the practical application of that information.

And if you are among those who have been working since ages and it has been years since you have last studied, it could be much more tiresome for you.

Interesting Facts:

Ø  PMP is one of the fastest growing certifications.

Ø  More than 762,000 holders.

Ø  More exam takers mean for competition.

But, why worry, with the right tips and guidance, you can ace the exams with flying colors. You just need to master the PMP syllabus with the right combination of effort, dedication, and assistance.

Find suggestions to be prepared with the right approach in tackling the PMP certification exam.See Top 5 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

1.       Gaining mastery over the PMBOK guide: As PMP exam is based on PMBOK guide, which is the roadmap of your studies. It is advisable that you plan and move on to other study material every week.  This will improve your comprehension of every topic.Break down the knowledge areas of the PMBOK guide so you may study one process each day. This process will assist you to prepare a plan with more clarity when you achieve weekly study milestones.You need to make efforts to understand concepts, as it is not always possible to memorize everything.Studying concepts with focus is pertinent. More so because PMP exam questions will test you how well you can apply these concepts and ideas.Tips: There are several questions on situational descriptions and contain enough information to arrive at the best answer; however, also include information to distract you.Additionally, upon finishing a section of the PMBOK Guide take a break and reread it twice. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the PMBOK Guide released by PMI. It is recommended as a part that you also stay current with project management concepts and changes that have changed over the course.2.      Trying good PMP Prep Book & Workshops: There are few good authors for PMP and successful aspirants have followed. The PMP certification is loaded with Q&A that test your knowledge and ability to apply your learning in challenging real-life scenarios, hence it takes a great deal of commitment. Many study materials recommend that PMP aspirants work on the basics before preparing on the ITTOs. ITTOs (tools and techniques and outputs) of each process are one of the challenges that you will face.PMP Exam Prep workshops and training opportunities can significantly assist you to get more one-on-one expert interaction and network with other aspirants. Another benefit of these workshops is that satisfies the 35 contact hours which is required for you to apply for you to take the PMP exam.3.      Attaining boost from Online Exam Prep training programs: There are few supreme quality PMP exam preparation courses available online. These online training courses are extremely flexible and convenient option that suits your study style, especially for working pros. You may choose the best options from the plethora available in the best training centers. Thorough research must be done before you choose one.4.      Getting the benefit of Online PMP Exam SimulatorsThere are actual hosted online practice simulators that follow the same standards as the real PMP exam. It replicates the learning environment, so you become more comfortable with the timing and the stress related to it.5.      Using Flashcards, study groups and discussion Forums: Electronic flash cards are the most cost-effective and tried and testing method of studying for the PMP exam. Download flashcards can be flipped through on computer or smartphone. Also, can be printed.Participation in groups and discussion forums is equally helpful to prepare for the PMP exam certification. You may discuss your doubts, use several resources, which reduce the time required to prepare for the exam.


Clearing the PMP exam is not a piece of cake for sure; however, with the right approach and guidance and of course little motivation, you can get to the finish line. Use the tried and tested PMP exam tips and carry on with your preparation. Be sure to revise your studies at least three to four times.
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