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Top 10 Service Account Management Best Practices Webinar

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By: SLWelty

August 2, 2019

Service accounts are typically used in operating systems to execute applications or run programs, either in the context of system accounts (high privileged accounts without any password) or a specific user account, usually created manually or during software installation. On Unix and Linux they are often known as init or inetd, and can also launch programs. These privileged accounts present many security and logistical challenges like managing password rotation or even just keeping track of them all. Since service accounts are usually created ad-hoc, IT Teams have to manage hundreds or even thousands of services running across the network, accessing equal numbers of resources. If this sounds like your organization, it might be time to take a closer look at managing service accounts. Thycotic is hosting a webinar where their product managers will be advising on the Top 10 Service Account Management Best Practices. Join Thycotic to learn more and get the scoop on a new solution built just to manage service accounts through their entire life cycle. >>
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