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Top 10 Operating Systems for Security Researchers

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By: Priyank Gada

November 16, 2016

penguine-priyankSee all the OS Distros mentioned in the video, below. Download them and try them out to see which you like best and prefer working with. The more experience you have, the more valuable you are to your own work and employers. Goodluck!♦ 1. Kali Linux♦ 2. Pentoo♦ 3. Backbox♦ 4. BlackArch♦ 5. Samurai Framework♦ 6. Network Security Toolkit♦ 7. Parrot Security OS♦ 8.  WifiSlax♦ 9. BugTraq♦ 10. ArchStrike ♦ Blog 
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