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Securing an Instagram Account: Protecting Private Information and Posts

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By: thomassujain

June 25, 2018

Instagram is among the most powerful and popular social media sites around the world, but there are some security risks in it that users need to be aware of. Security threats and risks have increased over time as various social networking platforms continue to grow. Within an expansive digital world, aggressive tactics are being used by hackers to break into online systems through a range of sophisticated methods.

The good news is that you do not have to be vulnerable to cyberattacks. There are certain authentication and security measures that you can take to enhance the privacy and security of your account. Keeping some vital security tips in mind will help ensure that your Instagram account is safe and functional.

Strong Passwords

Passwords are key elements of Internet security. A password that is weak, too obvious, or not carefully considered can become a regrettable mistake that leaves your account susceptible to hackers. Users are advised to opt for stronger, longer passwords that contain various characters, cases, and numbers in illogical sequences. This is an easy step to take, along with having a password manager.

Privacy and Safety Guidelines

Set aside some time to read the privacy and safety guidelines. They contain crucial information regarding Instagram’s privacy and security features. There are details that cover aspects of the platform policy, tips for parents, sharing photos securely, blocking, safety tips, and visibility.

Revealing Your Location

Some people enjoy sharing their locations frequently, but this may not always be a good idea. When other people know your current position or location, especially a sensitive one such as your workplace or home, unscrupulous individuals may gain access through your location details. This is a security breach that may result in identity theft. If you are worried about sharing your location in previous posts, you have the option of removing geotags from photos.

Using Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps typically offer features such as photo editing. Unfortunately, these applications require access to private information. To safeguard your security and privacy, you should only enable authorized applications and stick to trusted, reputable developers. This also helps to improve overall security on Instagram.

Fake Profiles

Fake profile scams are still a common phishing attack on social media. The good news is that even with minimal awareness, it is relatively easy to spot a fake profile. Suspicious profiles may start following you and instantly comment on numerous photos. Click here for Instagram growth.

They may offer schemes for making money fast with shortened, spammy URL links in their profiles. These are typically bots, and you need to avoid clicking on all the links that you come across to prevent the possibility of phishing attacks. Fake accounts can also be blocked and reported to Instagram.

Harmful Links

Fake profiles are often linked to shortened URLs. These URLs can be found in profile descriptions. Some links are dangerous and may lead to data theft or phishing attacks. Avoid the temptation of clicking on random links, regardless of how attractive they may appear to be.

Two-Factor Authentication

Multiple-step verification involves a process that double-checks the user’s identity while logging into a social media or email account. The feature is available on various social network platforms, including Instagram. It is regarded as one of the most effective ways to secure your social media account.

Private Mode

Sharing photos publicly gets more attention, but it may not be a good idea, depending on your situation. Depending on the type of pictures you want to share, you can consider private mode. This privacy option means that you will only be sharing images and videos with the people whom you have permitted to follow your Instagram page.

Key Factors to Consider

There a number of important steps to take to achieve security for your Instagram account and prevent your private information from being exposed or getting hacked. Instagram security risks can be avoided in the following key ways:

  •          Make your Instagram page private.
  •          Block suspicious followers and people you do not know.
  •          Keep profile information private.
  •          Avoid exposing your location.
  •          Approve photo tags manually.
  •          Hide live videos and Instagram stories from certain people.
  •          Restrict accessibility for third-party apps.
  •          Avoid posting sensitive information in pictures and captions.
  •          When possible, avoid hashtags that expose private data.
  •          Avoid posting violent or provocative photos.
  •          Avoid posting people’s photos without consent.
  •          Do not participate in online bullying.


Implementing a few yet simple security measures on Instagram will significantly improve the safety of your account. Social networking has transformed how people interact with their friends, family, and business associates. While these social networks play a major role in daily life, they are exposed to security threats.

Millions and millions of users are constantly online.  Social media tools not only attract friends, family, and consumers who want to communicate, but they also attract people who are interested in your activities for questionable reasons. Being aware of the main security threats and how to keep them at bay will go a long way towards ensuring that you are safe online.
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