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Running JuliarFuture on Android

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By: Rattar

September 8, 2017

Running JuliarFuture on Android

Hey, guys! It's been a while since I last posted an article and for a good reason. Everybody on the team has been extremely busy. Well, we have a chain of new Juliar suites coming out including a new Juliar.Future Android App. That means you can edit, create new, and run existing apps right inside your Juliar app!So let's get started!

Downloading the app

Download the app from on your Android phone and click on the big orange button that's labeled Android. It will start the download. When downloading or installing you may get an error that the app is 3rd party and that you need to enable trust from "Unknown Sources". The message basically means the app is not downloaded directly through Google App Store. To fix this, go to Settings -> Security and put a checkmark on "Unknown Sources" Allow installation from sources other than the PlayStore. You should now see Juliar icon in your apps. Click on it and it will launch Juliar.Future.

Simple Guide

Launch the App and begin by typing function main() = { printLine("Hello");} and clicking execute button. A new entry will appear that will tell you the command you entered, the time the command was executed, and the output.If you want to delete the entry just swipe left on it.If you made a mistake or don't want to type the command again, just click on the red input text and the input will be automatically populated.To learn more about the commands, please follow the documentation found at

Google PlayStore

Do you like the app? Right now we are trying to get funding for the app to get it published in the PlayStore. If you are interested in helping us out please message me for more information. Our policy is that all our products are ad-free and free to use by anybody. Let me know if you'd like to help since we do not get any income from doing this.
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