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Re:scam - An Artificial Intelligence Against Scammers

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By: Amagedon

December 30, 2017

We have probably already received a scam email at least once from an unknown/unsolicited person or group with the something like aid proposals, promises of big money or incredible trips around the world. These emails are sent by scammers to steal money, information, or both, and unfortunately, scammers are successful most of the time and many people fall victim.To help you combat these practices, a new artificial intelligence platform has been created by the New Zealand company Netsafe: Re:scam ( His goal: to lose as much time as possible to the scammer.How does Re:scam work?When you receive an email that may be a scam attempt, simply transfer it to At this moment Re:scam takes the relay of the conversation with your interlocutor by pretending to be for you. He takes the latter into an interminable conversation, while always trying to make it last as long as possible. So it steals the time that our scammer could have used to target other victims.And even better, Re:scam is able to extract information from other scams methods and share them for prevention purposes. 20,000 emails have so far been transferred to Re: scam, which, according to the site, has lost a total of two months and 12 days to scammers.Re:scam only takes into account the English language.
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