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How to Recover Deleted Data from Windows Drive

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By: arunaattri

August 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered where your lost files have gone after deletion from the Windows drive? No? Then read this article to know about your deleted files. By reading this article, you will get to know some things about your lost or deleted files. Like, what actually happens when the files got removed from its place? Where should you locate to find out your deleted or lost data?  You will also get to know how to recover your deleted files from the hard drive at free of cost.What are the common reasons behind lost files?The records from the hard drive can be deleted due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, damaged hard drive, computer hardware issues, etc. However, if you know where the files actually are gone after deletion, then you can easily get them back. I believe you are aware that when the files deleted from the hard drive they are not gone for forever, and still become available for recovery until unless they are not overwritten by other files. There are some common reasons from which you all are familiar such as:•    Accidently pressed shift + Del button, and your important files permanently deleted from windows drive•    Virus attack may remove and hide your precious files from hard drive•    Damaged drive may also create data inaccessibility issue•    Raw partition may also cause data inaccessibility problem•    Failure of laptop fans can also be the reason for data loss.•    Human error, hard drive dropped from hands, or you might be installed a free antivirus, which causes hard disk inaccessibility issue.Where you should go to find out your deleted filesCheck Recycle Bin: If you have not pressed, the shift key while deleting your files from hard drive and only pressed the deleted button then first check out the recycle bin to restore your deleted files.Freeze the hard drive: When it comes to hard drive data inaccessibility then freezing the hard drive is also a most recommended solution. Just cover your inaccessible hard drive into the zipping pouch and put it in the freezer. It will increase the hard drive readability, and you can easily copy and move your data from that hard drive to another one. This solution is helpful when hard drive becomes inaccessible because of a heating problem.Use Check Disk Command: Check disk command is the most favorable solution to fix damaged hard drive and make inaccessible data accessible. To use check disk command, you have to open a command prompt and type chkdsk H (drive name): /F (type f to fix the error).Use Windows Data Recovery Software: Have you deleted your treasurable data from the hard drive and do not want to take any risk then Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery - Home software is the safest solution. Professional data recovery software’s are quite promising in nature, and their successful data recovery rate is high. When it comes to choosing safe and risk-free data recovery solution, then people used to recommend this remedy.Use Windows Explorer Search Box: Sometimes it happens when files automatically get deleted from the hard drive or just move on to another place. In this situation, without getting hyper, you just need to explore your files in windows explorer.Final Verdict: Losing data from Windows computer is the most painful experience that faced by any user. But if you have a data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery - Home then you can easily come out from such data loss problem.
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