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Ransomware Is On The Rise!

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By: purvikshah

July 15, 2019

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. NPR posed the question of whether to ‘pay up or resist’ this week as more cities are becoming victims. This June the town of Lake City was hit with a ransomware hack. Attackers requested payment of 42 bitcoins which totaled about $450,000! And they aren’t alone. Hackers targeted Baltimore and Georgia court systems this summer. As we continue to see more organizations become cyber criminals’ targets, it’s important to manage privileged access as part of a cloud strategy. With 73% of enterprises already adopting cloud technology, we’ve moved away from questioning whether the cloud is secure, but rather if we’re using it securely. Each type of cloud model—Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, public, private and hybrid environments—has different ramifications for your privilege security strategy.Automated, cloud-based services make PAM more challenging and more critical. That’s why analysts predict that by 2020 40% of medium-to-large enterprises will have deployed PAM tools to address infrastructure as a service (IaaS) privileged security concerns. For security teams and IT admins responsible for privileged access management, the cloud has introduced new opportunities and new challenges. Cloud computing requires more dynamic protections and policy-based controls to address new types of data security, comply with increasingly stringent regulations, and manage privileged access.Join us next Thursday for a webinar as we explore top use cases for cloud security as well as an exclusive look at our new DevOps Secrets Vault, a high velocity vault capable of high-speed secrets creation, archiving, and retrieval.
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