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Ransomware Infections: What's the weakest link?

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By: Sean Mancini

May 29, 2017


Hello Everyone,

In my recent video, I showed you how fast a ransomware infection can spread to a machine even with antivirus protection. It's the least secure machine and person that is the weakest link in the security chain. A machine can have high security, but the individual operating that machine must be versed in security measures and have common sense as well.

Ransomware is a serious issue that is on the rise. The problem with ransomware is its capacity for destruction and the rate at which it spreads. Often leaving organizations with only 2 options: 1. support the hackers via payment of the ransom, or 2. lose the data.  It is imperative that basic security best practices are followed,  such as the principal of least privilege.

Please view the demo below to see how quickly and easily ransomware propagates and destroys.

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