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5 Programming Languages in Demand for 2020

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September 26, 2019

A programming language is a computer or digital language, which include a vast list (set) of instructions that convert some output. The programming languages are used by computer developers, technology developers, software engineers, programmers, IT experts, and other technology or software related professions. During the use of various programming languages, developers or computer engineers are determined for different technology or digital areas; where they can build various software or similar using different or unique programming languages for that project goal.

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So, there is a very debatable question for what is the best programming language today, or what programming language is correctly appropriated for concrete programming goal.

1. C and C++

If you want to start your career as a programmer and want to learn the basics of programming and coding, you have to start with C and C++ programming languages. These languages can help you to gain strong programming basic experience and teach you how to think and work as a programmer. C++ programming language can advance your basic coding knowledge, including object-oriented programming and solving fundamental real-time problems.Both C and C++ are used the most during the students’ beginnings in the IT area. These programming languages are very similar, and you can achieve many key programming concepts like system programming, object-oriented paradigm, strings, arrays, database, constructors, classes, and the same things.C programming language is really old. It is a huge Java competitor for decades because you can use C for programming many computer systems and drivers too.C++ programming language is essential for video game developers because C++ offer high performances and abilities for easier programming and compiling too. If you want to create and program video games, you need to choose C++ if you are at the beginning of your IT career.

2. Java and JavaScript

Maybe the most popular programming language in the software developing world, Java is the most used programming language out there. Java is the leader of the server-side application development worldwide. Using Java as a software developer, you can build a mobile application or mobile video games. This is thanks to Java’s high programming performance for server-side apps for Android mobile operative system.If you want to work as a Java developer or use Java for your IT projects, you have to learn how to build server-side applications (mobile). You can also work on your complex projects. Thanks to Java, it would be more interesting and less frustrating, using the tools and Java’s high performance.Developers use Java in many insurance companies, banks, writing Android apps, and similar.JavaScript is the most powerful and unique programming language in the world. C++ can easily replace Java, but JavaScript can’t be replaced with other programming languages in this world. JavaScript is the most dominated language for five years and a tremendous leader in the IT sector.As a JavaScript developer or user, you can write server-side or user interface programs and software. If you want to work with JavaScript and be part of server-side or interface development, you have to learn more about which parts need to be upload on the server-side. As well as what is handled on the client or user side, like so many validations, any verification, etc.You can use JavaScript as a web developer too, and build awesome websites and web applications with coding and programming in this powerful language with really high and unique performances.

3. Python

Python is the most famous programming language in today’s software education in IT schools, colleges, and programming academies. Java can be easily replaced with Python thanks to the high performances and easy to use syntax.As a Python developer, you can use Python as a scripting language or object-oriented language for massive IT projects.You can use this programming language for building websites too, like forums, News website, info websites, thanks to the original Python-based frameworks.Modern generation programmers use Python in today’s technology novelties, machine learning, data science and analytics, robotic artificial intelligence, and similar. This language offers very easy and quick work. It means you can solve your problem for the shortest period of time, just a couple of minutes if you have a clear idea.

4. Swift

Looking to the IT marketplace, Swift programming language is the fastest-growing and used programming language for iOS developers for two dominant years. If you want to be a Swift programmer, you will work in the mobile app development sector. In this sector, you can build and create mobile apps just for the iOS operative system, iPhone apps strictly.Apple itself creates this programming language, and it is often a default programming language for creating and building iPhone applications.If you want to build mobile apps just for Apple devices or iPhones, you can learn more about the Swift programming language. Make your knowledge about coding much deeper and start writing unique and original iOS mobile apps for today’s huge mobile apps marketplace.

5. C#

The multi-paradigm programming language, C# is one of the most common language in today’s software development world. Designed by Microsoft, C# is very dynamic, strong, easy to use programming language, with syntax teachable from every IT beginner.C# is also a huge Java competitor, thanks to the ability for writing video games with high quality.As a C# developer, you will be willing to build and create applications for computers (desktop apps), PC video games, mobile apps video games, web apps, and similar things. C# programmers are very common between today’s huge palette of programmers in different areas. They also make huge money thanks to their knowledge for programming language. 

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