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My IT Learning Journey

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By: Michael_AU

January 18, 2019

So, here it is my first Cybrary post. The purpose of this is to document my learning journey but first some background for anyone who is interested. I am an automotive technician (fancy name for motor mechanic) by trade and a teacher (K-12 + VET) by profession. I've had many different types of jobs but being a mechanic and a teacher are the main two. Ever since the early 1990s and Windows 3.1, I've been interested in computers but never actually obtained any certifications until recently (Certificate II in Information Technology).I have used every version of Windows that is available to the general public but my main OS is Linux. I started with Red Hat 7, then Ubuntu 7.04 through to 11.04. After a while, with Ubuntu, I started using the development versions and reporting bugs and commenting on the development forum. I learned a lot doing this. After Ubuntu, I  used Linux Mint Debian Edition and then switched to Debian Lenny just before Squeeze was released which I switched to on the day of release. I have used all versions of Debian since Lenny. I tried Slackware and also built a Linux From Scratch system.All of my IT learning until my Certificate II has been hands-on and although I never achieved any certifications I learned a lot from it.I joined Cybrary, and Linux Academy, so I could broaden my educational horizons. My intention is to get into Networks and Security and then move into Ethical Hacking. I will post about my IT learning journey as I go along. If anyone has any questions regarding my IT journey feel free to ask and if I can I will respond. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.Cheers,Michael
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