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Mobile Device Security Threat Categories & Actions

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May 8, 2018

Just like spyware and viruses that can infect personal computers, there are various security threats that can affect mobile device security. These threats are categorized as:
  • Application-based: are mostly "malicious downloadable apps" which  may look good from the download site but are designed for fraud
  • Web-based: Since the mobile devices are connected to the internet and are frequently used to access online services, this pose persistent issues to the phone; for example
  • Phishing scam: this uses the email, Facebook or Twitter messages to send links to websites designed to trick people into providing passwords to different sites, bank account numbers and even other personal information.
  • Network-based: Mobile devices do support cellular networks and local wireless networks (such as WiFi and Bluetooth). The WiFi and Bluetooth networks different threats like WiFi sniffing- which involves intercepting data as it transmitted between the devices and the WiFi access point. Most applications and web pages don't use security measures and sending both encrypted and decrypted data across the network can be easily read by people grabbing data as it is transmitted.
  • Physical threats: Mobile devices are valuable and small, hence they can be carried everywhere the owner goes. They are valuable not only because it can be re-sold on the black market, but also because of the sensitive personal information it may contain. This PII information can include images, text messages, emails, contacts, and accounts.
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