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MITM Attack on a Live Environment

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By: Prashant Kumar Dey

August 23, 2017

There are a lot of tutorials on the web which shows MITM attack using a virtual machine. But when you try to perform that in the real environment, it usually fails. There are many reasons for that. The client's OS firewall may be secured enough or maybe you are not able to configure arp spoof correctly. This short tutorial has the explanation.Step 1: Use Nmap to determine the client's IP address. But in real life it doesn't work as the ping request may be blocked by the firewall. So try to look for the ARP.Step 2: Use arp spoof for the MITM. To start with this one need to install arp spoof which is under the package name of dsniff.Step 3: Use Wireshark to see the traffic. Capture the traffic with Wireshark. This is the video in which one can see.<
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