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Microsoft Azure potential salaries!

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By: Vikrant Saran

May 4, 2019

Do not lag in this rapidly growing world of technology. Being a Cloud Professional, you must be aware of Microsoft Azure, it’s scope in the industry, and how it is becoming the most desired cloud computing platform for the industries. The recruiters are preferring the Cloud professionals with Microsoft Azure skills and certifications for the Azure-based job-roles for their organizations. The professionals are engaging themselves into this technology as it offers global recognition, opens doors for numerous job opportunities and pays well.


Having the Microsoft Azure Certification on their CV greatly increases the chances of getting hired for the professionals. Also, the opportunities for Azure certified aspirants are constantly increasing because of the various benefits offered by the technology.

  • Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certifications:


Microsoft has revamped its certifications and come up with the new role-based certifications which are backed-up with the Training courses for professionals to develop the skills required to attain these certifications.


Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator and are highly in demand on the CVs of the Cloud professionals.


To get certified for these Azure credentials, you would need to take the exams for them, the most recognized Certifications are based on the examinations:

  • AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment, and

  • AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security.


These certifications have been immersed with the most recent upgradations in the Azure Cloud technologies and having the validated proof of these competencies on your CV will make you the most potential candidate for whatever Azure based job you are applying for.

  • Job Roles for the Azure Certified Professionals:


You are just a certification away from the job role you have been eyeing since quite some time. The new role-based Azure certifications validate your skill set and the recruiter knows that you are not just claiming to have those excellent technical skills, you actually possess them.

Once you get certified in Azure, you will come across many job opportunities with cloud-based roles. If you become a Microsoft Azure certified professional, then you will be the recruiter’s choice for the position of Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Systems Administrator, Senior Software Engineer, IT Consultant, and many more great profiles.

Azure Certified Professionals Earn Good:


With the advanced cloud skills and Microsoft credential on their CV, the Azure Professionals know their value. The potential and competencies of professionals skilled in Azure are highly regarded in the market and they are paid well for their work.


Have a look at some of the job roles apt for the professionals certified in Azure and the average salaries of them:

  • Software Engineer: $83,879

  • Systems Administrator: $60,834

  • Senior Software Engineer: $111,885

  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer: $91,251

  • Software Developer: $69,852

  • Cloud Solutions Architect: $131,268

  • Information Technology (IT) Consultant: $76,458


If you are a Cloud professional looking to upgrade your skills for great career advancements, then you should put all your efforts in attaining the Azure Certifications for setting up the right roadmap for yourself. Cloud has a lot to offer, including good pay, valuable recognition and the constant developments to keep your interest in the technology alive. All the best!

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