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Meet Your Instructor: Milan Cetic

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October 1, 2019


    Fun Facts About Milan!

  • What course do you teach?Endpoint Security Fundamentals
  • What is an interesting fact about you?I like to cook and I am very good at it. Since I have been working from home, I have been cooking for my family 4-5 days a week. I specialize in non-regionalfood like Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Tex-Mex but I am also very good in preparing all sorts of meats, pastas, terrines and Sunday lunches.
  • Your favorite food? Bowl of Red
  • Social Media HandlesLinkedIn: Cetic Milan

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself:

"I am a seasoned IT professional with more than two decades of experience. I have been working as an IT journalist, reviewing and testing hardware and software. Also, I have been pre-sales consultant for 15 years, working on small to very large projects in various industries and countries-at one point I was sole pre-sales contact for almost 20 countries and over 500 customers. I have been working in Hewlett Packard and HP Inc. as a specialist for printers and printing solutions as well as for PCs and PC solutions. I have substantial experience in solution selling. I have also been working as HP Supplies Trainer, helping customers and channel partners learn and understand the benefits of using original supplies.Also, I have been known in investing a lot of energy in finding a way of bringing complex concepts and technological solutions to the level of understanding of people that don’t have IT background. I am rather famous for my car metaphors, which I have chosen as something that almost everybody understands. After 15 years of work in a large company, I have decided to go independent and pursue my professional interests as an independent consultant, with emphasis on security consulting. "

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

"I have joined Cybrary immediately after leaving HP in pursue of knowledge on the IT Security I found lacking. Very soon after joining, I received an email saying that Cybrary is looking for instructors, I have applied, passed the selection process so here I am.Teaching and transferring knowledge have always been my passion. In HP I have delivered more than 150 trainings, presentations, and workshops. Working as a Cybrary instructor will provide me to do something I am passionate about while staying in, the way I see it, the most important part of IT today, which is cybersecurity. Also, I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge about my field of expertise, which is endpoint security and which is still very underestimated part of the CS field.The greatest challenge of working as an instructor for Cybrary is going to be shifting from live trainings to online ones. Form, it is like moving from theatrical to motion picture acting. In live training you are allowed to use the wrong word here and there, to take a pause and, most importantly, you interact with the audience and steer your course to their specific needs. Here, everything has to be perfect and you have to strictly follow the predefined course outline. "

Tell us about your course:

"Endpoint Security Fundamentals is all about the most important part of IT security today, about protecting the most vulnerable part of IT infrastructure today which are devices most employees use on a daily basis. Trends in IT industry show that more and more PC working employees have a mobile device -in some countries more than two thirds, while it goes as low as 25% in less developed regions of the world.This shift towards using more mobile devices (notebooks, tablets, mobile phones) in everyday work is putting enormous strain on IT Security. These mobile workers tend to work from almost any place, even from unsecured or even very suspicious networks. Unfortunately, they are also encouraged to work in such a way from their managers, which makes it even harder for IT Security people to prohibit some practices that are, to say the least, unsavory.Therefore, the purpose of this course is to teach you the basics needed to understand why endpoint security is so important but also that building an endpoint security solution for your company can’t be done using LEGO strategy –just adding blocks and hoping everything will stick together. It requires planning, prioritizing, and working outside just the domain of the IT Security department. It requires a multi-departmental approach and putting people from management, HP and IT together and finding the most optimal solution within the budgetary and operational limitations that exist in the company."

Education/Experience in Cyber Security:

"I have been involved in cybersecurity within scopes of my work in HP for some 7-8 years. It was mostly printing and PC security, where I have been trained by some of the very capable people which HP has been bringing it from different sources. I had opportunity to learn about security and talk about it with independent specialists, former NSA employees and former hackers (like Kevin Mitnick, who was employed by HP for a short period as an outside consultant).Along with trainings received in HP, I have been acquiring knowledge by myself on whatever I could get my hands on and whenever I had the time for it. Therefore, I am mostly self-thought, specialist in one specific field, with intention to expand my horizons."

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Interests in Cyber Security:

"My interests revolve around endpoint as this is what I have been working on for most of my contact with Cyber Security. Also, from the moment I started understanding security, I have realized that endpoint is highly underestimated. If you look at the job market and how companies ore organized in terms of cybersecurity, very few of them even has a separate team for endpoint security and demand for endpoint security specialists is very small. This is probably the reason why cybercriminals have such an easy way in through endpoint. In the future, I would like to help establish some rules for endpoint protection that will become standard in the industry."
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