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Meet Your Instructor: Lemuel Ogbunude

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By: jasminen

October 12, 2019


    Fun Facts About Lemuel!

  • What course do you teach?Android Development Fundamentals
  • What is an interesting fact about you?My mom bakes awesome cakes, the skill sort of rubbed off on me. Haven’t attempted in awhile though, but I guess I could bake you a finger-licking good cake :)
  • Your favorite food?Beans, yes ...beans.
  • Social Media HandlesTwitter: @lemuelOgbunude

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself:

My childhood desire was to be a race car driver, the passion later drove me to seriously study how vehicles work. I wanted to go on to be an automobile engineer but then decided to study Computer Science at Covenant University Ota because I was curious about how computers work.I see computer programming as an art and my passion for it keeps growing. I had dabbled with 3D design, web design, and networking before later going full time as an Android developer. I am currently a Java instructor at a training institute and also work with few startups on building their Android applications.I have a passion for sharing knowledge and regularly publish technical articles. I once offered to teach alongside my lecturers at a programming boot camp while in my final year. I was later given an offer to become a lecturer at the University.I love dogs and play the guitar when I want to relax. I program in different languages, but my go-to language is Java.

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

I'm always looking for opportunities to share my knowledge. I was excited once I found out there was an opportunity to teach on Cybrary. I later got to know more about the awesome Cybrary community, which made the teaching journey even more fun.

Tell us about your course:

"This course is designed to get you the knowledge required to design and develop your first Android app. I would go over the core components of an Android app, how to use common UI elements and how to work with databases on Android.You would be introduced to modern Android development tools and libraries like the architectural components and material design.During the course, we would develop different mini-projects using what was learned during the course. Finally, you would learn how to publish your app on the Google PlayStore.At the end of the course, you would be given tips on how to keep up with the latest trends in Android development. This course is designed to give you a good foundation as an Android Developer."

Education/Experience in Cyber Security:

I developed my first Android application while at University. I went on to take the Android Nano Degree and later went on to work as a full-time Android Developer at a startup. I have developed Android applications for mobile phones and even hardware such as fingerprint scanners which run the Android OS.I am currently an instructor at a training institute where I teach Java, JavaFX, MongoDB, and Java Spark MicroFramework. I also work as a contract Android Developer with few startups.

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Interests in Cyber Security:

"I'm interested in Kotlin Coroutines, Java Completable Futures, Realm Database, ObjectBox Database, and Flutter! "
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