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Meet Your Instructor: Alejandro Guinea

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By: jasminen

September 25, 2019


    Fun Facts About Alejandro!

  • What course do you teach?IoT Security
  • What is an interesting fact about you?I have more than 20 soccer thropies... Top scorer.
  • Your favorite food? Pizza... By far
  • Social Media HandlesTwitter: @alejandroguineaLinkedIn: Alejandro Guinea

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself:

"I started my InfoSec career really young. I was 16 years old when I decided to become an InfoSec engineer. I’ve been working on that field since then.I have lots of experience in PenTesting, Malware Reverse Engineering, and Incident Response, as those are the main fields I’ve been focusing for the past 8 years. However, I also have experience in Risk Management, Audit and ISO standards.I’m married to a lawyer. She’s really really smart, I mean her average score was 95 in the ENTIRE law school! Outstanding. We have 1 kid together and I hope she’s as smart and beautiful as her mom. As a hobby, I like to play soccer, video games, and go to the gym. I have family in the US, Argentina, Canada, and Spain, so family gatherings are a big thing here. We join twice a year, and we select one of those countries randomly so everyone can travel. "

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

"I’ve been a teacher my entire life. Ever since I was a kid, I liked to share my knowledge with my classmates. When I was about 22, I decided to become a teacher at my university (after my graduation). I then moved to teach on the MBA courses (needless to say, focused on business). I finally stepped up my game and became an official ISC2 CISSP Instructor. But, what all of these have in common? Well, I took several courses on Cybrary and I finally saw the opportunity to join you guys. I’m thrilled to share all my knowledge with the Cybrary community.I’m also hoping to become more involved with Cybrary, maybe as a full-time teacher or any other job. I really like the job you guys are doing and I’d like to be part of that. So that’s another reason I feel proud to be working for you."

Tell us about your course:

"IoT Security is one of a kind topic, not only because IoT is a new trend but also for the implications it has. We’ve been so focused on security that we have not considered safety. Bringing together engineers from different fields (or even specializing one engineer in two fields) like electrical, chemical, security, industrial, is a challenge and now imagine having to develop a device considering the standards of each field. We have to consider all the threats, vulnerabilities and problems related to the “normal” IT field and on top of all that, we have to throw in safety. For example, to develop a smart pacemaker, you have to consider security topics like cryptography (because you don’t want anyone else finding out the patients health) but you also have to consider safety topics like what would happen if the pacemaker suffers a ransomware and the patient has to pay a fine to continue living. IoT security has to cover all of that and more. You have to take an “inside-out” approach with security and start with awareness and training, then move to processes, go to the risk management life cycle, and only then, start thinking on technology. This course tries to fill out the gap between safety and security and provide the student with the skills to create a secure/safe IoT development program"

Education/Experience in Cyber Security:

"I’ve been working on InfoSec since I was 16. I started as a developer, then moved to Project Manager and finally, I began my PenTest path. As a Pentester, I also had to learn (and implement) reverse engineer techniques, forensic investigation, and incident response processes. In this journey, I realized that time is ALWAYS against us the good guys (white hat, as we nerds, like to call ourselves).I also had the opportunity to implement a full ISO 27001 and 27005 program and I became the auditor of both standards. I’m currently working to implement SOC 2 and we’re trying (as the CERT regional director)to join FIRST."

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Interests in Cyber Security:

"I’d like to continue my career on pen-testing and malware reverse engineering"
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