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Meet Your Instructor: Adalberto Garcia

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October 27, 2019


    Fun Facts About Adalberto!

  • What course do you teach?Windows Forensics and Tools
  • What is an interesting fact about you?I have many hobbies, I try to keep myself active, that is why in my spare time I usually go to the gym or go around discovering the city, hiking or swimming. I also like to paint, I find it very relaxing and calming, and some people even say that I’m good at it.
  • Your favorite food?There is one special dish from my hometown called “mote de queso” from Colombia's Caribbean coast and it is basically a soup made with yam, cheese, and vegetables.
  • Social Media HandlesInstagram: adalbertogameLinkedIn: adalberto-josé-g-4b735255Twitter: @adalbertogame

The Q & A

Tell us about yourself:

"I was born in Colombia's Caribbean coast, surrounded by the sun, the sea, and very joyful people. As my childhood was during the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, I grew up seeing how the technology was advancing and how the internet was taking over. My interest in this new thing called computers was born and I wanted to know everything about them. I was a curious child, always searching for answers and new things to do and learn, thanks to my parents I was able to develop my curiosity by taking painting classes, swimming lessons, and even music lessons once! (Although I need to clarify that music is not my thing), they bought a Computer when they realized that I was really interested in this field. For that, when I finished school, I chose an undergraduate program in Systems Engineer, which focuses in Computer sciences and all the different areas where we can develop our knowledge."

What brought you to teaching on Cybrary:

"Working as an Information Security Analyst, I am exposed to different types of information and knowledge, we always need to be up to date with the new threats, risks, and techniques, for this reason, I had to take and pass the CHFI (Certified Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator) test in order to keep the information in my company secured. Learning new things is my passion, hence, this certification represented a challenge that I gladly accepted. During my master studies and my current job, I have found myself going to Cybrary to solve some doubts or simply to learn new things to keep my knowledge fresh, for this reason, when I saw on the website that they were looking for tutors, I applied without hesitation. One thing about knowledge and information is that you never should keep it to yourself, it is like a famous painting or a piece of art, when it is so good you feel the need to share it with the world. That is what I felt, knowledge must not be encapsulated if it can change the world! I admire the labor of teachers as they were an important part of my life, without them I wouldn't be the professional that I am now... without them the world wouldn’t be the same, that is why I felt that the best way to say ‘thanks’ was to pass on the knowledge that was taught to me."

Tell us about your course:

"Windows forensics and tools focus on building digital forensics knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as some compatible software or tools that can be used to obtain or process information in such systems. Opposite to the common myth, Windows forensics is not easy, even when it is the most commonly analyzed platform in computer forensics, Windows has many undocumented features and does not allow easy access to many of the physical layer devices, which is needed for bit-level operations. The students will learn the general methodology used when performing a forensic analysis, which will be the same for Windows operating systems, the process for imaging in Windows and how to do it using a third-party software, as well as some memory analysis tools. In order to know how to analyze the evidence, some Windows essentials will be covered, such as System registries (general registry info to look for and where), Windows Prefetch, restore points, Recycle Bin, pertinent system’s files and the structure of important Windows software like E-mail, Offices tools and Internet browsers. The student will also learn some important concepts like Steganography and the Drive Nomenclature in Windows, which are key to understand how Windows is structured and where the information can be found. There are some labs and tools that will help to practice for a Windows Forensic Analysis."

Education/Experience in Cyber Security:

"My first studies regarding computer sciences or cybersecurity was in the “Universidad de Cartagena” (Colombia), in System engineering. In this field we are exposed to different paths or branches of the Computer Sciences, and the lessons related to Information Security or Cyber Security were so interesting for me, that I decided to do a master’s degree in Information Security and Privacy at Cardiff University after finishing my undergraduate studies and working two years as a software developer. The postgraduate studies increased my hunger for knowledge because in cybersecurity as in computer science in general, every day there are new inventions and sources of information. After finishing my studies in the UK, I returned to my country where I currently work as an Information Security Analyst, here I keep learning every day."

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Interests in Cyber Security:

"My interest in cybersecurity started during my undergraduate studies in the “Universidad de Cartagena” in Colombia, as a System Engineer, we study and analyze different aspects of the computer sciences: software development, networking, businesses and of course cybersecurity, which got my attention from the first lesson. I started to believe that information moves the world and the way that this data is delivered to the people can have a significant impact on society, and with cybersecurity, we can control this. This interest took me to choose my master’s degree in information security. I wanted to know more and to be an expert in the field, which appears to be an infinite path, because all the time I realize that there is more to learn and more techniques to be analyzed and that I am far from being an expert, which motivates me to learn something new every day."
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