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Mail Backup X Features for Email Archiving

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By: Tom_Cruiso

July 14, 2018

All formal communications for professional or business purposes are done through emails only. Emails contain significant amounts of critical information relating to your business, such as that regarding any legal issues, conference schedules, etc., so users can’t afford to lose even a single part of them. When you interact through emails regularly, you are required to clear previously saved data to operate your multiple email accounts smoothly. In that case, you need to make email backups. There are primarily two ways by which you can make backups of your emails: using online cloud storage services and by using InventPure’s Mail Backup X. If we have a look at the functioning of online cloud storage services, then we find that it poses some drawbacks like security issues, storage space issues, or cost issues. But to overcome such complications in the email backup process, Inventpure Software has come onto the market.

Let’s discuss some exceptional features of this email backup solution.

Inventpure’s Email Backup Software Is The Exclusive Solution For Making Safe And Fast Backups Locally Without Having Internet

This tool is a one-stop solution for those users who are seeking quick and efficient ways of creating mail backups. It has a wholly automated working system that requires no human effort while creating backups, and users have their mail backups in a single mouse click. Also, it supports IMAP and POP services by directly operating on Mac systems, so that users don’t have to waste their efforts and time proceeding with such processes. Moreover, if you want to forward a particular mail belonging to a specific email client which is saved in your application, then this tool allows you to restore that particular file to the desired email account for forwarding it because of the facility of mail restoration.

Inventpure’s Email Backup Solution Based On Incremental Backup System And Provides Useful Backups In Every Backup Attempt

With the help of a smart and incremental backup system, users can save plenty of disk space and can make their searches quite easy. The system will remember the last backed up files, and in the beginning of the next mail backup process, it will skip such data. It avoids the situation of repetitive storage of records, and users can locate them with ease. The best part of this InventPure solution has a mirror backup feature that allows users to make replicas of their files at various locations, so that their data is secure even in any catastrophe. Moreover, it also allows users to have a distributed form of mail backups as per the storage capacity of the devices in which they want to store their files. In simple words, users are free to save the data of 60 GB into three methods of 20 GB each.

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