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Could a New Programming Language Replace Java?

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By: bachan

July 7, 2017

kotlin - java - replaced languageHello, Cybrarians. Google I/O 2017 has announced Kotlin as an official programming language for Android. Now, this doesn't mean they have no support for Java, let me make that clear.Kotlin ( is a statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications, which is developed by JetBrains ( Kotlin programs run on Java virtual machines. Kotlin is very easy and safe programming language which supports many modern platforms likeEclipsee, net beans, android studio 3.0 and others.However, JetBrains has developed its own compiler and IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I think you all hate that for print "Hello World" on screen, you need to create a class in Java. But in Kotlin, you can print the "Hello World" without creating any class.You should watch the series:But the question is "Would it replace Java?" In my opinion, the answer is 'Yes, but...'Let me make it more clear. Java and Kotlin can work together. Kotlin supports Java, meaning these are interoperable. But in the next 10 to 15 years, Kotlin would be more popular than Java and after 15 to 20 years Kotlin would replace Java since Kotlin is easy to learn. Now, this is only my prediction, and not known since we are talking about the future. But, with how I see things going, it could happen.Initially, you would need some basic understanding of java concepts but after that, you can do all that which you can do with Java, with Kotlin which you can't do with JAVA.What do you think Cybrarians? I wanna know your opinion. So tell me your opinion in the comment section.
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