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Know the Dangers of Credential Reuse Attacks

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By: Shaquib Izhar

February 8, 2018

What is it?
  • Give your target Email address and it will check for public leaks for the email and if it found any, it will returns with all available details about the leak (Using hacked-emails site API).
  • Now give your leaked email address's password then it will check for that leaked password by login on popular sites like Facebook, G mail, etc.
 How is it useful?
It's useful because you can check if your email and password has been leaked on some public leak/dumps or not.
How to use it?
STEP 1 To use this tool clone into this GitHub URL by typing git clone . 

  STEP 2 Now you need to install pip3 package management system for python3, to do this type apt-get install python3-pip -y . 

 STEP 4  Now install the requirements of this program by typing pip3 install -r requirements.txt then run the program using python3 <your email address>.  

Scan started
It will start scanning public leaks for your email and will report if it get that email in some leaks.

As we can see above that email address in 3 public leaks. Now enter your old password for that email address to check where are you still using your old password and then it will show you all those sites in which you are still using your old password. 

We can see the victim is still using his old password in Instagram and Linkedin account and it's good time to change his old password.

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