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A Mission For Community-Oriented Information Technology

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By: SOADman

May 7, 2018

A Mission For Community-Oriented Technology: Setting the foundation by acknowledging history, and creating a simplified program for the general public. Phase 1Currently, I believe that information technology is the highest influence on every individual today. I think both the members of Cybrary and the general public must know the know and consider the history of information technology. The members of Cybrary should know how information technology was started in modern history by civil, and most importantly military, experimentation and implementation. There should be an emphasis on the military aspect of information technologies' transition into the civilian world as to acknowledge the work, benefits, and more importantly, the dangers of such military produced technology. TOR Browser isn't the only military produced technology; there are much more. Examples should be made of both mass and alternative technologies. Also, examples should be made of the concepts, intentions, assumed internal dialog, as well as agendas behind this technology. For instance, the ghost unit in World War 2 used technology as propaganda and other methods to de-moralize and deter the threat. How could some with sinister intentions combine outside elements such as politics to technology to do the same thing that the Military produced, as well as civilian created technology, that could lead to threats by the simple or complex design? That will give white hats and IT personnel further definition on what to consider the threat on all platforms. Also, an effort could be made to educate the general public to acknowledge, re-consider, and become more proactive about the information received, and the technology they used for future references. The ultimate goal of discovering and describing this information could lead members of the cybrary community as well as the general public to a community-oriented information technology acknowledgment and securement by a standard foundation. Such as community-oriented policing.
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