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Transfer Lists from Excel to Android Devices

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By: techjessica

April 17, 2018

Ways to Transfer Contact List from Excel to Android Phone

Lots of time users face a situation to which they have no solutions. These are essential mechanisms which can be helpful to any regular person or a technical professional. These are simple methods like how to transfer contact list from Excel to Android phone. These can help to migrate workbooks from laptop or PC to a mobile device. Users can carry their financial statements or latest 3D diagrams even when traveling or on a meeting abroad. There are few manual as well as an automated solution to convert XLS file in vCard or VCF format, we have mentioned both methods this post. Read carefully to find more information related to it.

"There are lots of good relations we have created with our clients and customers. Most of them look to use for regular help and consultation. We have created a database of most important ones but do not know how to export Excel to Android contacts. It is a fairly simple method I presume, but I do not know anything about it. I am a non-technical person. Could you help me find a great solution to this problem?"

How to Transfer Contact List from Excel to Android Phone Manually?

Here are the instructions to move contacts to a mobile device. Follow them carefully to avoid data loss during transfer:

    1. First, launch the Excel application from the Windows PC. This can be done by double-clicking on the desktop icon or go to Start >> Run.
    2. Then, go to File >> Open >> Computer >> Browse. An Open window will appear on the screen.
    3. Now, make sure that the All Excel Files option is selected in the drop-down box next to File Name. The application only displays XLS files if this option is selected. It won’t if another one is chosen, giving an operation that the file can’t be opened.
    4. Now, move to the folder that contains the XLS file. Using the inbuilt browser, select the file and click on Open button to open it in Excel 2013.
Limitation of Manual Method
      • Can be tricky and confusing for some individuals. All the steps are jargon for a non-technical businessman.
      • Any professional looks for direct and convenient ways to move Excel to Android contacts. They search for workarounds in simple tools and online conversion sites.
      • There may be issues with column names and how they are saved in the output format. Some of the first names do not appear on the mobile device due to this glitch.

Alternative Way to Convert Excel Spreadsheet to Android Contacts

There are thousands of different ways to transfer contact list from Excel to Android Phone. Some are professional tools while others are simple basic manual methods. Both are great, and there is a choice for users to choose from. Experts recommend opting for a relevant third-party tool like Excel to vCard Converter to export Excel contacts to vCard format in a perfect way. It is a powerful application which has all the basic functionalities to move multiple contacts in one go. It has some of the following features:

    1. Load complete file and preview content
    2. Map Excel columns with vCard details
    3. Import VCF files to multiple mobile devices
    4. Compatible with all latest Windows versions


There is a lot of important information stored on business cards. Users often download them directly from an email and save it to their email client. Typically, this would suffice, but there are people who search other means of storing data. They search for solutions on how to transfer contact list from Excel to Android phone. A CSV file can be easily extracted from any of the leading emailing services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. This can be changed to another format in few simple steps manually or use an alternative tool. Both methods have been amicably described in here. A user can opt for any of these depending upon their availability of resources like time, efforts, and budget.

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