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How to Make Use Of Your SATVs From Microsoft

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By: Vikrant Saran

June 19, 2018

 How to use Microsoft SATVs

Software Assurance benefits help you make profits from IT investments. They facilitate efficient deployment, use, and management of Microsoft products.

One of the Software Assurance benefits is receiving Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) with the purchase of a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement. It is the most valuable offer from Microsoft in the form of free training credits in days as applicable.The SATVs received could thus be redeemed for training on select Microsoft curricula at Microsoft authorized training centers, helping employees carry out strategic IT deployment.Before understanding how to make use of your SATVs from Microsoft, a brief note on their benefits and the available methods of training have been discussed below.

Microsoft SATV Benefits

  • Reduced Training Costs: As the cost of training gets included under the Software Assurance coverage, the organization does not incur additional expenses for the technical training courses.
  • Employee Skill Enhancement: The IT staff gets prepared for new deployments in the organization’s technology infrastructure with increased proficiency upon receiving the training.
  • Guaranteed Pricing: The Microsoft training voucher has monetary value that is universal. For anyone using the SATVs for redemption, one voucher equals one day of training.
  • Learning Solutions Partner Support: The Learning Solutions partners help to plan the most effective way to use training vouchers and create an optimal training strategy.

Delivery Methods

There is flexibility for individual and group delivery methods. They are as follows:

  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training: In every instructor-led training session, you may choose to bring an instructor to the location or attend a course at any of the authorized training centers nationwide.
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Through virtual instructor-led training, the individual or a group may participate in live training sessions from anywhere via a broadband Internet connection.
Now, moving forward straightaway to the point, here is a note on how to acquire these benefits by making use of SATVs. One has to just follow these four simple steps.
  1. Verify Eligibility: Customers possessing the Software Assurance (SA) membership in the Microsoft application or systems product pools are eligible to use the SA training days. The training days are allocated based on the qualifying licenses covered under Software Assurance.
  2. Activate: The benefits manager has to visit Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) website. The manager must activate the organization’s SA training voucher benefit, by which the organization gets the entire number of training days, as eligibility permits.
  3. Create and Assign: Once the activation process is done, the SATVs could be created and assigned to the concerned employees with the number of days as required. Further, the employee has to attend the training before the voucher expires (180 days).
  4. Schedule Training: The next step is to schedule the training with the authorized training partner. The SATV details will be in a voucher confirmation email; then the scheduled classes and exam are taken to earn certification.

Wrapping Up

You may get in touch with Mercury Solutions if you have any questions about

  • Using Software Assurance training benefits to enroll in courses

  • Confirming the expiration date and/or cancellation policy

  • Procuring exam vouchers and taking certification exams

  • Any other Microsoft SATV-related queries

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