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Hide or Encode Data Behind Audio Hack of Mr.Robot

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By: MohammadYahya

October 18, 2016

mr-_robot2HiWe all know the Mr.Robot TV show. In season 1, Elliot hid his friends', employees', etc's data, in audio CDs.Requirement:- DeepSoundStep 1:
  • After installation, the first screen you see will have two options on the header.
  • Select "Hide Data Inside Audio".
  • Click on "open carrier file" and select audio.
  • Set "High" output audio file quality.
  • Click on "Add Secret file".
  • Select your files for hiding behind the audio.
  • Click on "Encode secret file".
  • Select Output format, Output Directory.
  • Select Encrypt secret file (AES 256),Enter Password.
  • Now click on "Encode secret file" and in a moment you will get an Information dialog box.
  • When you play the audio, it will play seamlessly. Nobody will know that you encoded data in that audio.
 Steps for Decoding:
  • After Encoding/Hide data we need to decode/Recover data .
  • Click on open carrier file And select encrypted audio.
  • It requires a password when you open it. Enter your password.
  • You see your files that you encoded in this audio.
  • Click on Extract secret files.
If you face any problems, view this video:
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