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Give Your SysAdmin Thanks, and BACON, for SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

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By: cybergary

July 19, 2019

Sysadmins are the true MVPs of any office – which is why we’re turning SysAdmin Appreciation Day into a month long celebration! These IT warriors are responsible for the upkeep, configuration and maintenance of networks and so much more.According to a Tech Republic article, sysadmins not only have to maintain their organizations’ networks, but also continue to invest time and effort into building new skills. This takes hard work and effort for all the sysadmins out there!So join us in thanking the sysadmin community by helping your sysadmin win a prize from Thycotic. But not just any prize, we hear sysadmins LOVE bacon!Share this with your favorite sysadmin to help them win a set of custom beer coasters and one super lucky winner will receive bacon for an entire year (and maybe even share with you)!
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