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Fix Outlook.pst Was Not Cleanly Closed by The Last Program

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By: techalphy

February 23, 2019

MS Outlook is a widely utilized email client, across the globe to manage work perfectly. Mainly, its stores the complete mailbox data like contacts, calendar, emails etc., into PST file format. As we all know, the Outlook is a perfect email application but, it also consists of some negative aspects also. Sometimes, users confront with an error while using an Outlook. One such issue is Outlook won’t open because Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program. There are various causes behind the occurrence of this error, one of them is exceeding PST file size. This problem does not stop you to access Microsoft Outlook, but it prolongs the time to access Outlook. So, with the help of this article, we are going to discuss the top techniques to repair Outlook PST was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it instantly. But, before proceeding forward primarily, go through the below-outlined user’s scenario, to gather knowledge on this MS Outlook PST file issue.

User’s Query

“I have been utilizing Outlook email application and currently I have upgraded my desktop to Windows 10 and Office 2013 to 2016. But, when I am starting my Outlook 2016 it confronting me an error message such as Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. After sometimes I realized, what exactly happens is that my Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it. Can anyone help me to resolve this personal folder file (.pst) issue? I have saved some of my vital data into Microsoft Outlook. Please advised me an appropriate solution to fix this error effectively. Thanks for any help.”

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The Order of Starting the Outlook with this Error

  • Initially, start Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Then, an error message appears into your screen i.e., the Outlook PST was not cleanly closed by the last program. Here, the file is being checked to find out problems.
  • Now, a warning message is evinced that says Performance might be affected while checking in the progress. A few minutes later one more message comes such as Data file check complete.
  • Ultimately, the email can be accessed along with Outlook associated elements.

Causes Behind – Outlook PST was not Cleanly Closed by the Last Program Error

Most of the Microsoft Outlook users are waiting to view the root cause of the PST file issue. There are so many reasons behind this Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program the used it. Following are the mentioned below. Let’s take a look.

  • The Windows was shut down before closing the Outlook application, this can lead PST was not cleanly closed error.
  • If your MS Outlook program is highly infected by virus so, this can also end up with the occurrence of this error message.
  • At times, when a user trying the third-party application to access Outlook data or the add-ins, which close the data inadequately may also lead to this issue directly.
  • The Outlook cannot be opened appropriately if in case, the Outlook is highly corrupted. However, it shows the error messages such as Outlook PST was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it.

Fix Outlook.pst Was Not Cleanly Closed By the Last Program Issue Manually

A foremost thing, a user should have to do is evaluate the error properly. In case, the Outlook is taking too much time to respond then, it might be possible that the size of the PST data file is huge. Most of the times, the size of the PST file becomes prolongs, which lead to inappropriate accessing and opening of Outlook files. Moreover, there are high chances of corruption in PST file since Outlook PST was not cleanly closed by the last program. Considering this, we will take the help of free utility provided by Microsoft i.e., ScanPST.exe to reducing the size of PST file or repair inaccessible PST file. To do so, simply follow the below-stated steps. Basically, the manual solution is available in two ways. So, you can go with any of them, according to your requirement.

Workaround 1: Reduce Size of PST Files in Outlook

Exceeding PST data file size can also the reason behind this Microsoft Outlook error message, Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it. In this scenario, the size of the PST file has to be reduced as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Therefore, this can be done with compacting and archiving procedure. To do so, follow below-listed steps in a sequential way:

  • Firstly, open Outlook and move to File tab then click on Info.
  • Now, hit on the Cleanup tools. Then, select Archive option.
  • Here, in the archive dialog box, you have to implement some steps:
  1. Primarily, enable ‘Archive this folder and subfolders’ option.
  2. Then, choose the PST data file that is to be archived from the folders list.
  3. Here, select from the drop-down menu with the name ‘Archive items older than’, and you have to determine a date for components (items) to be archived.
  4. Now, provide the ‘destination path’ and ‘archive into new PST file’ have opted, as the user may be archiving a large number of email messages.
  5. Finally, the compact Outlook PST and store at any desired location.

Note: Anyhow, if you are unable to get rid of this Outlook PST was not cleanly closed by the last program error after using above-explained manual solution. Then, you have to move to another technique instantly.

Workaround 2: Repair PST Using ScanPST.exe Tool

This method is capable to repair inaccessible Outlook PST file using the ScanPST.exe utility. Simply, follow all the below-outlined steps to resolve Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program issue:

  1. First of all, quit Outlook program and start Scanpst.exe manually. Remember one thing i.e., a location of Outlook repair tool is different as per the Windows OS versions.
  2. Then, Browse the PST data file, which is to be fixed, that file should have an extension .pst.
  3. Now, hit on Options and give Scan Log Option
  4. After that, click on the Start button. If in case, any errors and issues are detected then, the file prompts to begin the repairing procedure automatically.
  5. Subsequently, to prevent the data loss activity, the backup file is generated. A user can store the file in the desired location.
  6. At last, hit on Repair button and start Outlook utilizing the account with PST file.

Repair Outlook PST File Without Any Data Loss

The above-listed manual way, to fix the error such as Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it. Mainly, this involves some limitations as it may lead to data loss issue. So, it is far better to select PCVITA Outlook Repair tool. This recovery software is capable enough to repair MS Outlook PST file without losing a bit of data. This application is equipped with effective and efficient features, which provides a safe and secure recovery process. Moreover, you can easily utilize this best PST File Repair tool via visiting our official page.

It’s Time to Verge

Hopefully, with the help of this post, you can fix Outlook.pst was not cleanly closed by the last program that used it error properly. Face errors and issues in Microsoft Outlook account is so common. Finding the exact solution is the difficult part. Even if you find a solution to resolve MS Outlook error, it is not guaranteed, it can fix your problem. It can depend upon the Outlook version, size of PST file, and importantly all other internal causes that resulted in the issue in your system. Repair and recover Outlook PST file data items without any data loss is the major part to be considered while resolving an Outlook error.

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