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Ethical Hacking Through TOR Without DNS Leaks

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By: richardb8006

August 22, 2018

You probably heard of the hacking group Anonymous. Anonymous was under investigation after a few big attacks, and finally, they found a member of the group. How did they find that member? By tracking the IP address of the computer that person was hacking from! How? Through DNS leakage of a TOR exit node.The most well-known method to avoid DNS leakage is probably making use of Proxychains, which is already in a Linux Kali distro combined with TOR. That way, you can route traffic through TOR but…DNS leakage is still possible! Why do you want to use TOR anyway? Sometimes, clients require you to test as an actual hacker, and that means performing tests while being anonymous.Someone once talked about Linux Tails. This is the Linux distro that Edward Snowden used during his activities. Now, Tails is a very cool solution and was developed by the US Navy. Its purpose is to be a one-time boot only distro; boot it up, use it to do your thing, power off the machine, and everything is gone: used commands, cache…Tails has a bad case of amnesia when you power it off and power it on again.There is a major downside to Tails. It doesn’t have the hacking tools like Linux Kali. Even if you succeed in installing the hacking tools in Tails, it will take you a serious number of hours to do that. I wasn’t looking for one solution and in the end installing all the tools separately.After browsing on YouTube, I found out about the Whonix gateway. Whonix is an appliance you can load into your VM software like VirtualBox,  and it is an appliance that routes all traffic through TOR. Whonix prevents DNS leaks, and because of their technology, it is impossible to have your Whonix appliance injected with malware or some other kind of virus which might expose your real IP address. Whonix is extremely easy to use, and I have a second Kali machine running all traffic through it. How great it is to finally rely on being completely anonymous with Whonix!Here is a video which explains what Whonix is, and it also explains the differences between the TOR browser and Linux Tails. If you are only interested in the Whonix part, skip to the 8:23 minute mark.
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