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DNA Fountain

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By: bachan

March 11, 2017

dna-fountainAs a society, we are creating more data than ever before, meaning we're at risk of running out of traditional storage. So, in the future, we would have to choose something which can store data in less space.Here the concept of DNA Fountain come into existence.The concept of storing such data on DNA isn't new.DNA has the capability to store large amounts of data for long time period.Strategies for storing such data on DNA is called DNA Fountain.DNA is the programming language of our genetic code which depends upon four basic building blocks.They are; Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. These are similar to 0s and 1s in machine language.These can be used for storing the information. The theoretic limit of storing data on DNA is exabyte/mm^3.According to latest experiments a pair of researchers from Columbia University andthe New York Genome Center have come up with a new technique to store massive amounts of dataon DNA and successfully stored 214 petabytes of data per gram of DNA,Encoding a total number of six files which are as follows:
  1. A full computer operating system
  2. An 1895 French movie
  3. A $50 Amazon gift card
  4. A computer virus
  5. A Pioneer plaque
  6. A 1948 study by information theorist Claude Shannon
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