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Cloud Security: ‘I Confirm It’s Worth the Trouble’

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By: Responsible Cyber

July 17, 2017

Cloud Security Under Digital Transformation

Organizations with the right cyber security governance demonstrated the self-assurance that they provided the right value and service to their customers, employees, and partners. Everybody wants and talks security, however not a lot of companies apply the right measures, and controls. Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. is trying hard its attempts to tackle the lack of security awareness within various markets by educating individuals, corporate and other organizations about how to counter cyber risks. The company launched several workshops and training with Singapore governmental entities like Singapore Business Federation, which includes training organizations about how to start and build a cyber security strategy and respond to the technological tsunami being aware of the vulnerabilities.The launch of these initiatives comes after growing cyber threat landscape and the encouragement of Singapore government towards a secure ecosystem. During the panel, I addressed with my guests a very important topic: Cloud Security Under Digital Transformation.What is Cloud?Earlier this month, OneLogin Data Breach was a good example to call on cyber security professionals to raise awareness and understanding of the cyber risks. Companies need to do more to restrain the fast growth of the cybercrime business.  Currently, digital and cloud transformations fuel cyber-attacks such as the recent USA voting campaign dilemma. Several times, I got the question from attendees or customers, “Is Cloud Secure”? The answer might not be straight forward. In-house designs and controls might be the right measures to give an objective assessment and decision.Whether it’s private, public, hybrid or a mix of various models, out of 50 Fortune companies, 48 have openly declared cloud adoption. Cloud demand reached 70% of the market in 2015. It is expected to grow by 60% in 2020.Read more on and
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