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Best Cloud Migration Software | Free Alternative to Data Migration Tool

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September 19, 2019

The best method to migrate your user's accounts between different platforms?

Today in this blog, we will show you the best alternative for the Data Migration Tool of Google and Microsoft. Both of them provide their automated tool, which is free but not very userfriendly. The tool of Google is used for G Suite account migration, whereas MS tool is used for Office 365 account migration. But, none of them provide any method to transfer multiple user accounts between these two platforms. We have finally found a simple and userfriendly tool to perform cloud to cloud migration. Use Cloud Migration Tool1 of SysTools, which is the ultimate tool for G Suite and Office 365 using an organization to migrate user accounts between the same or different platform. It is the best Cloud Migration Software to Export G Suite and Office 365 Accounts.

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What is the Data Migration Tool? Where are they used?

Software used for migration of user account between the same platform is known as Data Migration Tool. Each cloud organization provides its tool to help its users to transfer account data between the platforms. For G Suite, Google has produced its tool. Similarly, MS has also provided its Migration tool. Both are used to move each user account in the same platform to the same and different domains. But, moving account data to cross-platform is still a problem of G Suite and Office 365 users. Here comes the Cloud Migration Software, which is provided by a few of the organizations to help these cloud users to perform cloud to cloud data migration.

Let’s See - The Disadvantages of Data Migration Service for G Suite and Office

  • Both tools do not provide an option to perform migration across platforms
  • DMS are slow and take too much time
  • No error handling functionality
  • Doesn’t offer the migration report for successful or failed migration data
  • No option for Source and Destination ID mapping
  • Cannot migrate emails, contacts, calendars & documents simultaneously
  • Doesn’t provide a separate filter for each data type migration
  • No option to retry the failed migration

How Cloud Migration Software Works?

Software to migrate account a cloud platform to a different cloud platform. This tool helps cloud users to transfer emails, contacts, calendars, documents, etc. between different platforms. Also, it provides an incremental and delta migration facility to transfer only new emails automatically from source account to destination after the migration is complete. A free demo version for full migration of two user accounts is also available for testing. One can migrate unlimited user account data using the complete version of the software.

Advantages of Cloud Migration Software to Export G Suite & Office 365 Accounts?

The following are the few of the top advantages of using best Cloud Migration software over Data Migration tools.
  • Migrate complete account data between different platforms
  • Delta Migration to automatically transfer new emails
  • Stress-free and fast cloud to cloud migration
  • Provide ultimate Error Handling facility to handle any disaster during migration
  • Also free to migrate two users on between G Suite and Office 365 domains
  • Domain to Domain and Cloud Platform migration options
  • Separate filter for emails, contacts, etc.
  • Multiple Source and Destination ID mapping
  • Generates detailed Export Report after the migration process is complete
  • Provides option to retry failed migration process

Steps to Migrate Cloud Platform Using Cloud Migration Software:

  1. Download and Install Migration Tool
  2. Select the Source and Destination Cloud Platform
  3. Full-fill simple prerequisites to set up the migration
  4. Enter the Source & Destination Client ID and other files in Settings (Generate during prerequisites)
  5. Enter the Source Admin ID and Connect for authentication
  6. Enter Destination Admin ID and Connect
  7. Select the Category of Data to Migrate and Apply Filter
  8. Choose the option for Destination Mailbox Mapping
  9. Select the User accounts to migrate from source to destination
  10. Click on the Start button the begin the migration procedure
Note: After the migration process is complete, you can view the migration statics in the list and Tile view. Also, you can generate the export report   


This blog is about the best Cloud migration software to help G Suite and Office 365 users to perform the migration. Using this tool user doesn’t need to use Data Migration Services, which are slow and sometimes give you trouble. So, its better to now try the best alternative of these services to perform cloud to cloud data migration. The migration tool to transfer accounts between the cloud platform is created to make your life easy. Try the Free tool to migrate accounts today to perform complete data migration.Reference:1.
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